I don’t need a recruiter. Why should I use this service?

The UK is primarily an agency-based job market. Most candidates are employed through recruitment agencies instead of through direct applications to companies’ personnel departments. This means that not using a recruiter will make your life that much more difficult.

If you’re going to get a job in the UK, you will need to be sure that your CV gets to the relevant recruitment agencies and that it gets noticed.

Check your CV’s format

The CV format in the country you’re currently working in might be slightly different from the UK; that’s why we offer our CV Assistance service. Our career consultants will ensure that your CV is in the correct format and that you stand out from other candidates.

Does your CV stand out from the crowd?

A professionally-written CV is incredibly important in a competitive job market. Our consultants will ensure that your CV does you justice by highlighting the key skills, achievements and qualities that make you unique.

Your CV review and enhancement includes:

  • Personalised email consultation to identify your objectives and exact requirements for your CV
  • Final enhanced bespoke CV in word/hard copy format

Need a CV template?

Try Novorésumé's professional CV templates, designed in collaboration with recruiters and employers.

Upload. Review. Start searching.

Submit your CV online, we’ll check it and send it to our network of UK recruitment agencies.

1. Upload

Send us your CV by uploading it to our online portal

2. Review

Our career consultants review and enhance your resume.

3. Search

Our network of recruitment agencies start searching for the perfect position for you.

Interview tips

While your CV is hugely important, it’s not the only thing that matters when you’re job hunting. We’ve got a few hints and tips to make sure that you’re as prepared as possible for your interview.

Before the interview

  • Research the role (and organisation, where possible) thoroughly.
  • Before going for the job interview, ask the recruitment agency what you should bring. You might need your passport, current payslip or portfolio.
  • If you’re asked to bring along a portfolio, remember to include any positive remarks or feedback from your current or previous employers.
  • Research a few typical interview questions and think about how you might answer them, for example what your strengths and weaknesses are.
  • Prepare a few questions to ask at the interview.
  • Find out what the going rate for the role is (you can find some handy salary comparison sites here).
  • Dress to impress. When in doubt, go for formal over casual.

During the interview

  • Be confident and friendly.
  • Speak clearly.
  • Answer questions honestly and give explanations for your answers – specialist recruiters will know about your industry and will be aware if you exaggerate.
  • Explain to the interviewer why your application is a strong one, based on your experience and personal traits.
  • When stating your strengths, provide examples of how you implemented or used these strengths.
  • If you’re asked about your weaknesses, remember to provide examples of how you’re working to improve in these areas.

After the interview

  • Follow up with the interviewer. A simple email thanking them for the opportunity and stating that you look forward to hearing from them won’t go amiss.
  • If you are successful, be sure to get all the information needed to adequately prepare you to start the job.
  • In the event that you don’t get the job and you feel that your skills and experience were a good match to the role, you might ask for constructive feedback. Focus on why your application was rejected and how you might better present your case in the future.
  • If you were unsuccessful, be sure to keep in touch with the recruitment agency as roles may come up that you could be considered for in the future.

Learn the tricks of the trade

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Job search

Unfortunately, sometimes we’re unable to match you with the right recruiter for your skill set. If that’s the case, you can use the websites below to see which jobs are available in and around the UK and to make sure that you know what the going rate is.

Salary comparison sites

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