NHS surcharge fees increase for 2020

by John Dunn | Apr 23, 2020

Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced an extra £6 billion for the NHS but neglected to highlight that the government plans to increase the immigration heal...

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COVID-19 UK government guidelines for visa applicants outside the UK

by John Dunn | Apr 1, 2020

The Home Office has made provisions and provided information for UK visa applicants that are outside the country. Here’s what you need to know.

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How South Africans stand to benefit from Britain’s new points-based immigration system

by John Dunn | Feb 24, 2020

The UK government has just announced a new points-based immigration system that’s due to come into effect 1 January 2021. This is how it will signific...

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UK visa applications for South Africans: Step-by-step guide

by John Dunn | Feb 18, 2020

Our step-by-step guide to UK visa applications for South Africans contains all the information you need to know about applying for a UK visa if you're...

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Silver Coast Portugal: Your guide to a dream expat destination

by John Dunn | Oct 14, 2019

The Silver Coast isn’t as well-known as some other destinations when it comes to expats settling in Portugal. But, with its captivating coastline, del...

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[Update] What a no-deal Brexit means for EU nationals

by John Dunn | Sep 9, 2019

The UK is scheduled to leave the European Union on 31 October 2019. These are the immigration arrangements that will apply to EU citizens and their fa...

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10 reasons to move to Porto, Portugal

by John Dunn | Jul 29, 2019

Quality of life, friendly people and delicious food are all things that Porto (or Oporto) is known for. Portugal’s second biggest city is fast becomin...

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Everything you ever wanted to know about applying for a UK Tier 2 (General) visa

by John Dunn | Jul 18, 2019

The Tier 2 visa is one of the most popular routes to live and work in the UK and earn permanent residency. Due to its many requirements, it’s also one...

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Everything we know about the new Tier 1 Innovator visa

by John Dunn | Mar 29, 2019

The Tier 1 visa category will significantly change from April 2019. This was outlined in the Statement of Changes to the Immigration Rules published o...

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Moving to Portugal – how to choose the right school for your children

by John Dunn | Mar 6, 2019

Portugal has become an immigration hotspot thanks to its maritime climate, growing economy and friendly tax regime. For people moving with children, d...

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Why the Portugal Golden Visa remains the best in the world

by John Dunn | Jan 31, 2019

British citizenship and indefinite leave to remain: Why you need to know the difference

by John Dunn | Jan 31, 2019

People often confuse indefinite leave to remain with UK citizenship, or assume that they mean the same thing. Although there is a lot of overlap betwe...

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Here’s what the new EU Settlement Scheme will mean for EU nationals living in the UK

by John Dunn | Jan 24, 2019

EU nationals who want to continue to live and work in the UK after Brexit will need to apply for settlement under the new EU Settlement Scheme. The sc...

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The UK reveals its new skills-based immigration system for EU and non-EU nationals

by John Dunn | Jan 22, 2019

The new immigration system means that entry into the UK with a work visa will be based on skills and qualifications, rather than nationality. Let’s lo...

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The Portuguese language test for citizenship and permanent residency

by John Dunn | Nov 28, 2018

Portugal’s Golden Visa programme offers an excellent lifestyle and financial investment for South Africans. But, after a successful application, you w...

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The UK’s in-country visa application process is about to change

by John Dunn | Nov 26, 2018

The way you apply for a visa extension, settlement or citizenship within the UK is changing. The new system aims to make the process quicker, easier a...

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Claim a British passport from your great-grandparent

by John Dunn | Oct 16, 2018

Philip Gamble, our British nationality expert, has come across a rare situation where a client qualifies for registration as a British citizen on the ...

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UK employers are always liable for illegal foreign hires

by John Dunn | Sep 5, 2018

If you’re an employer in the UK, you probably know that the process of hiring a foreign national isn’t as simple as hiring a British employee. One of ...

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Is there life after graduation in the UK? These are your UK visa options

by John Dunn | Jul 24, 2018

If you have just graduated from university and you plan on living the UK after your graduation, we have some good news for you: As a non-UK citizen, y...

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The good character requirement: Minor offences that could cost you your British citizenship

by John Dunn | Jun 26, 2018

Regardless of the route taken to British citizenship, every applicant will have to satisfy the good character requirement. As the name suggests, it is...

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Everything you need to know about extending your UK visa

by John Dunn | Feb 28, 2018

You need to know when your visa expires and whether you want to extend your stay well ahead of your visa’s expiration date. This guide will help you ...

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UK student visas: Here's how you can get one

by John Dunn | Feb 22, 2018

If you have a degree from a UK university, it will be recognised by employers, universities and governments the world over. This article contains ever...

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Immigration health surcharge set to increase massively in 2018

by John Dunn | Feb 6, 2018

The UK’s Tory-led government have pledged to recoup £500 million from non-UK citizen patients by the end of 2018. So far, they’ve collected £358 milli...

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Do you have exceptional talent? The UK has a visa especially for you

by John Dunn | Dec 20, 2017

If you’re exceptionally talented in the field of science, humanities, engineering, medicine, digital technology or the arts, you could be eligible for...

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How long it will take to qualify for ILR in 2018

by John Dunn | Nov 23, 2017

Once you obtain indefinite leave to remain (ILR) in the UK, you are just a few steps away from full British citizenship. The time it’ll take you to qu...

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How to ace your UK citizenship tests

by John Dunn | Nov 23, 2017

If you’re a citizen from outside the EEA and you want to apply for UK citizenship or indefinite leave to remain (ILR), you’re going to have to pass an...

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ILR: Expert answers to your burning questions

by John Dunn | Oct 18, 2017

Indefinite leave to remain (ILR) in the UK is often the last step on the road to you being awarded full British citizenship. However, the complex rule...

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Which public funds are available to immigrants in the UK?

by John Dunn | Oct 13, 2017

Anyone who has looked into applying for a UK visa will most likely be familiar with the phrase “no recourse to public funds”. This restriction is alwa...

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Applying for an emergency UK visa in South Africa

by John Dunn | Aug 17, 2017

If you’re in a bit of a pickle and need to get to the UK urgently, you can apply for a Super Priority visa and, if you’re eligible, you’ll receive you...

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Travelling to the UK for business or leisure? You’ll need a Standard Visitor visa

by John Dunn | Aug 10, 2017

The way in which you apply for a visa that allows you to visit the UK for business or travel has changed in recent years. There are now no longer disc...

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The benefits of ILR and naturalisation

by John Dunn | Jul 27, 2017

Many people staying in the UK have pondered whether they should stay on their indefinite leave to remain (ILR) or convert their status to full British...

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Skilled jobs up for grabs as EU net migration to the UK plummets

by John Dunn | Jun 23, 2017

The UK has seen a dramatic fall in net migration between 2015 and 2016, mostly due to the number of EU citizens leaving the country after the Brexit r...

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How partners of Ancestry visa holders can fast track their British citizenship applications

by John Dunn | May 16, 2017

It’s true – you can move to the UK with your partner if they hold a valid Ancestry visa. Many UK Ancestry visa holders don’t realise this, which is a ...

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Removal of 28 day grace period for those who overstay their UK visa

by John Dunn | Mar 21, 2017

In November 2016, UKVI announced that the 28 day grace period for those who overstay their UK visas will be done away with. Failure to renew one’s vis...

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You could be eligible for British citizenship

by John Dunn | Jan 20, 2017

Since 13 January 2010, individuals with British born mothers have been able to gain UK citizenship through registration. If you qualify under section...

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Life after graduation: Switching from your Tier 4 student visa

by John Dunn | Oct 28, 2016

You’ve completed your university courses, but you’re not quite ready to leave the UK. Not to worry, there are a few visa options available to help you...

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How to spot a UK immigration scam

by John Dunn | Oct 17, 2016

Applying for a UK visa can be stressful. It’s easy to get swept away when someone promises to help make it easier – or, if you’re told you need to han...

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UK’s new immigration and nationality charges: How much will you pay?

by John Dunn | Mar 2, 2016

From 18 March 2016, the various costs associated with visas and immigration protocols for the UK will change. We take a look at what you can expect to...

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Here’s how you can potentially get a Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) visa

by John Dunn | Feb 9, 2016

In a bid to drive local tech development, UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) has made it easier for highly skilled non-EU IT professionals to acquire a T...

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NHS surcharge extended to Australians and New Zealanders

by John Dunn | Feb 5, 2016

From 6 April 2016, Australians and New Zealanders living in the UK will have to pay a £200 annual fee to the NHS. Once you’ve paid this surcharge you ...

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Why expats should consider living in Manchester

by John Dunn | Jul 17, 2015

Most people who immigrate to the UK gravitate to London. But a little further north is a city that you’ve heard of, but might not know too much about:...

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Indefinite leave to remain made simple

by John Dunn | Jan 6, 2015

There are thousands of expats living in the UK who are aiming for permanent residency status and, eventually, a British passport. But with immigration...

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20 interesting facts about migration

by John Dunn | Jun 7, 2012

Us humans having been seeking greener pastures for about as long as we’ve been on the planet. Here are 20 facts about migration and the consequent rem...

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