Applying for your Australian visa: How to get it right the first time

by Sable International | Mar 25, 2020

Many people start their plans to relocate without thorough research and preparation. We interviewed registered migration agent and managing director o...

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Everything you should do on your look-and-see visit to Australia

by Sam Hopwood | Aug 12, 2019

Landed a job or looking to move Down Under? Before you pack up and head over, you might want to take a look-and-see trip. Here are seven reasons it wo...

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Two new Aussie visa routes for skilled migrants

by Sam Hopwood | May 23, 2019

Regional Australia is in desperate need of skilled migrants, so if you’re skilled in your field and looking to move Down Under, you’re in luck. The Au...

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25% of UK spouse visa applications are refused every year – make sure yours isn’t one

by Sam Hopwood | Apr 2, 2019

Before 2012, applying for a UK spouse visa was quite straight forward and refusals were uncommon. Then the UK government introduced the £18,600 minimu...

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A quick guide to the Australian partner visa

by Sam Hopwood | Jul 16, 2018

Applying for an Australian Partner visa is a difficult process. Not only does this visa work slightly differently to most other Aussie visas, but you ...

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New Aussie visa route for highly skilled migrants

by Sam Hopwood | Mar 23, 2018

A new visa scheme to attract highly skilled migrants and help Australia compete globally will be piloted from 1 July 2018. The government hopes the Gl...

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If you’re moving to Australia, you need to take the English language test

by Sam Hopwood | Jan 12, 2018

Somewhat surprisingly, the English language test is one of the most complicated aspects of any Aussie visa application. The complex rules surrounding ...

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Australian permanent residency: Secure your future sooner rather than later

by Sam Hopwood | Oct 12, 2017

Did you know that you can apply to become a permanent resident of Australia without having lived in Australia for any period of time? Most countries t...

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Get help navigating Australia’s stricter visa rules

by Sam Hopwood | Aug 15, 2017

After the latest Australian immigration regulation changes were announced a few months ago, there has been a lot of confusion and speculation as to ho...

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