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Apply for, or renew your, British passport

A person who holds any form of British nationality is entitled to hold a passport. However, only those who are British citizens have an unqualified right of entry and residence in the UK. Applying for a British passport is a complex procedure and it’s better to use a professional service to avoid costly errors. 

We simplify your British passport application

All applications for British passports are now processed in the UK rather than through the British High Commissions and embassies overseas. Supporting documents are required (these vary depending on the nature of the claim and the country of birth) and interviews to establish identity are usually required for your first passport. Whether you live in the UK or not, you are able to instruct us to assist you with your first passport application.

Applying for British citizenship

An application for a British citizenship must:

  • Be completed on the correct application form
  • Be addressed to the correct authority (which is now in the UK)
  • Be signed by the applicant as being correct
  • Include the application fee (if applicable)
  • Be accompanied by evidence in support of the application

If your application is successful, you will be required to attend a British Citizenship Oath Ceremony. This will take place at your nearest Borough Office (if the application takes place in the UK) or High Commission (if the application takes place outside of the UK).

Passport renewals

Passport renewals (or second or subsequent passport applications) are best done shortly before your existing British passport expires. An application to renew a British passport which expired some years ago is taken as a first passport application. A renewal application must also be sent to the UK for processing and supporting documents are only required again in the event that your application has been selected for an active review.

An active review is where the Home Office have, at random, asked you to supply the original supporting documentation, or where the original application was sufficiently complex that it is not obvious why you qualified in the first instance.


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