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We work with over 250 international education partners across the world, many of whom are top international universities, offering foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. We have direct access to the university admissions teams, making it easy for you to apply and get your enrolment letter, and expert knowledge about what it takes to study abroad. 

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The benefits of choosing to study abroad

Explore and experience a new culture
Explore and experience a new culture

Studying abroad isn't just an opportunity for international education, you can also encounter new traditions, language and sights. Make some time to explore and discover the best things about your new home.

Education at top-tier institutions

Gain access to the best institutions for your chosen field of study across the globe. You don't have to limit yourself to your home country, you can choose and apply based on your long-term goals.

A route to immigration

Some people choose to return home after studying abroad, but you can also decide to stay in your new country. Many countries have reduced immigration requirements if you have chosen to study there.

Build international connections

Studying at an international institution is a fantastic opportunity make friends across the globe, not to mention an opportunity to build and impressive network as you enter your career.


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