Sable International Tax Refunds is not associated with HMRC

We make the application on your behalf


We put together all the correct and necessary paperwork

We make the application process quicker and easier, saving you time

Throughout the process, we liaise directly with HMRC on your behalf

We give advice on any other relevant tax aspects of your case

We transfer your refund to the country of your choice

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Don’t let the perceived hassle of claiming tax back stop you from applying for your tax refund. We'll help you apply, process your claim, sort out the admin and even source the relevant documentation for you. What’s more, we’ll keep you updated every step of the way.

Over the past 15 years we’ve processed more than 200,000 successful claims - yours could be next

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Make sure the agent you use is a member of the Association of Tax Agents

We’re a bonded and accredited member of the Association of Tax Agents (ATA). The ATA was formed in 1998 to protect clients using tax refund companies against financial loss. If a company is not a bonded member of the ATA and goes out of business, you could lose your money.

Almost 97% of expats who work in the UK overpay on their PAYE tax and are due a refund. Over recent years, a large number of tax agents have started up, offering to act on your behalf in claiming your tax refund from HM Revenue & Customs. The majority of these companies are not able to offer you any financial guarantee or peace of mind that your tax refund is secure.

Several tax agents in the UK have ceased trading in recent years.

They were liquidated for one of two reasons:

  • Intent to defraud clients by withholding their tax refund and closing the business
  • Charging unusually low commission rates to generate business, causing the company to lose revenue and face closure

Since the ATA was formed, no bonded member has ceased trading. However, in the unlikely event of a member going out of business, the ATA will take over the processing of the refund application when HMRC has not yet paid out the rebate. You will not be charged any more than was previously agreed by the original tax agent company.

Where HMRC has already paid out on a claim and the tax agent company has received the rebate, the ATA is not liable. The ATA is not responsible for a member company's action in this situation. If this is the case, the ATA will contact HMRC and determine the details of the payment.

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