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Mortgage video FAQ

Buying a house and getting a mortgage can feel intimidating because of the many steps involved. We’ve put together this video Q&A with Mike Abbott, Head of Sable International's wealth division, to answer some commonly asked questions and help simplify the process for you

Spotlight on Sable International's mortgage service

Mike answers a few questions about our mortgage service.

In this video you can find out:

  1. Why should someone use an independent mortgage broker like Sable? (0:12)
  2. What makes Sable different? (0:30)
  3. So Sable charges an upfront fee. How does that work, and what do I get for my money? (1:30)

What should you know about getting a mortgage in the UK?

Some essential details about getting a mortgage in the UK.

In this video you can find out:

  1. Who establishes how much I can borrow? (0:10)
  2. What taxes apply? (1:07)

Foreign national mortgages in the UK

Mike looks at some of the particular challenges faced by foreign nationals looking to get a mortgage in the UK.

In this video you can find the answers to:

  1. Is it more difficult for a foreign national or 'expat' to get a mortgage in the UK? If yes, why and how? (0:13)
  2. Once an expat has a mortgage, are there any restrictions they face, such as letting it out while living in their home countries. (1:15)

Mortgage top tips

A few top tips on how to get the best deal for your personal circumstances.

In this video you can find out:

  1. How would I go about getting the best mortgage deal for me? (0:12)
  2. What are some of the most common mistakes first-time buyers make? (0:45)

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