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Mortgage process

The mortgage process can seem fairly daunting because of the many steps involved. Here is how we simplify it, ensuring that you get the most appropriate mortgage with the least stress possible. 

Our approach focuses on two key objectives:

  1. Understanding your circumstances
  2. Creating a trusted and valued relationship

Mortgage top tips

The key steps in the mortgage process

  1. Assessment
  2. Research 
  3. Search
  4. Acceptance
  5. Application
  6. Approval 
  7. Exchange
  8. Completion

1. Assessment

We will send you an email with several key details and documents. These include:

  • How our fees are structured, our charges and our regulatory status
  • A questionnaire, asking for details about your circumstances
  • A terms of business document

Upon receipt of your questionnaire, we assess whether you will be able to get a mortgage. If you can, we will set out whether your case would be standard or non-standard.

2. Research

Our research is produced in the form of a detailed spreadsheet, which shows you multiple options in multiple scenarios. Your spreadsheet is a model of options that allows you to understand, amongst other things:

  • The trade-off between tracker and fixed rates (in the context of the interest rate outlook)
  • The cost impact of putting down more or less deposit and how this may change your mortgage options
  • The impact of costs over time

View an example of one our client reports   

3. Search

Once you know how much you can afford to borrow and how much it will cost, you need to find the ideal property and make an offer.

4. Acceptance

You normally make your offer through an estate agent. This offer is non-binding.

5. Application

We can recommend solicitors and provide you with a quote. Following this, we can instruct immediately. We will issue you a "key facts" document, which is a detailed quote for your chosen mortgage. You need to approve this by email.

We will make the lender application online, directly through the lender portal.

6. Approval

We manage the process of the application, ensuring that the lender gets any additional documents that they may require. We also ensure that the valuation is instructed and the report received. All necessary legal work takes place in parallel with the mortgage application process.

7. Exchange

You will need to pay 10% of the purchase price to the solicitor and sign the mortgage deed. The solicitor will then exchange contracts for you. The exchange of contracts also requires that you have insured the property. We will arrange the relevant insurance for you.

8. Completion

In this final stage, the solicitors arrange payment from the banks through to the vendor. On this day, you collect your keys.

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