It can be tricky getting access to your money when you first move to the UK, but we’re here to help

Certain visas require that you have at least £2,000 in savings to prove that you can support yourself in the UK. You will often need to produce bank statements at Passport Control on arrival to support this.

If you have a credit card, we recommend taking it with you, as UK banks are inconsistent with granting credit services to new residents. A credit card is essential for online bookings and will also allow you to draw local currency from most ATMs - an easier option than traveller's cheques.

It’s likely that you’ll want to access the savings you have in your bank account back home, that’s why we give you a free international money transfer as part of your Relocation Package. This is will allow you to move your money to your new UK account.

Easy international money transfers

As a part of our Relocation Package, we’ll give you a free international money transfer. It’s free to set up your account and it only takes minutes. Once you’ve done that you’ll be ready to make your first transfer immediately.

After using our service you’ll wonder why you ever used a bank for forex!

* Excludes SA to UK transfers


How to make international money transfers

Send your funds in three quick, easy steps.

1. Register

Register your account online to get full access to our secure money transfer service.

2. Activate

To activate your account, simply upload or email our team copies of your nationality document and proof of address.

3. Transfer

Transfer between more than 25 currencies and benefit from great rates and speedy transfers.

The easy start to life in the UK

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