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What are the benefits of investment migration?

International investment has benefits in and of itself. It grants you the security of diversifying your asset base. But when you add in a second citizenship or residency, the additional benefits are numerous. Having a second passport, for example, makes it much easier to open an offshore bank account and access more investment and financial-planning options. There are also lifestyle and generational benefits, like great healthcare and education.

Not to be understated is the benefit of enhanced global mobility – the ability to travel to and do business in more places without the hassle of lengthy and uncertain visa applications every time.

In today’s increasingly connected world, global access is one of the best gifts you can give yourself and your children, and in many cases your gift can pass down through multiple future generations.

What is the difference between citizenship-by-investment and residency-by-investment?

Contrary to popular belief, residency of a country can often offer everything you want: the right to live, work, study and retire in that jurisdiction and sometimes even a travel document that provides enhanced global mobility, for example within the European Union.

The key difference is that full citizenship provides a passport that allows you additional freedom of movement and comes with privileges within the country, such as the right to vote and access to social benefits.

Citizenship can also be passed down to future generations, whereas with a residency-by-investment programme, you’d have to include family members on your application.

However, it’s worth noting that residency-by-investment programmes often provide a pathway to citizenship through naturalisation should you choose to relocate to the country.

Do I have to relocate to the country if I obtain residency-by-investment?

This will depend on the programme. Some programmes, such as the United States EB-5, do require you to relocate. These are known as immigrant visas. Others, like the Greek and Portugal Golden Visas, can be engaged in from anywhere in the world, making them great “Plan B” options if you have a life and lifestyle you’re not in a hurry to uproot.

Every programme has its own minimum stay requirement, which is why it’s essential to get trusted advice on the right programme for your specific circumstances and goals.

Our expert consultants can assist you with every step of the process, from selecting your programme to getting your passport or residency. 

How much does residency- or citizenship-by-investment cost?

As these programmes are largely offered by governments to encourage international investment and stimulate the local economy, they generally require a larger capital outlay. The most affordable programmes, such as the Caribbean citizenship-by-Investment programmes, start in the region of around $220,000.

Some programmes have additional requirements, such as a minimum net wealth in order to qualify. It’s also worth noting that while some programmes require that the funds remain invested (or ask for a government donation), there are programmes that offer a possible return on investment or other benefits that offset the initial cost.

Can I include my family on my residency- or citizenship-by-investment application?

Yes, all the programmes we assist with allow you to include your family. It is important to note that each country has different limits and requirements that may suit some family structures better than others.

While you will usually be able to include your spouse and children, you may need to apply before your children reach a certain age and you may have to prove that they remain dependent on you (for e.g. are enrolled in full-time education). Some programmes also allow you to include parents, unmarried siblings and even your spouse’s parents, provided they meet certain requirements.

The cost of an application may also vary depending on how many family members you plan to include.

How long does the residency- or citizenship-by-investment process take?

Once again, it will depend on the programme. Some may take as little as six months while others may take six years to become a citizen. An important factor to consider when looking at programme timelines is that document processing can often add additional time to the process. Government policies, application complexity and demand will all have an impact on your actual timeline.

Your Sable International investment migration adviser will be able to give you an idea of how long each programme is currently taking in reality, versus what might be stated online.

What residency and citizenship-by-investment programmes do you assist with?

We currently assist with the Portugal Golden Visa, Greek Golden Visa, United States EB-5, Grenada citizenship-by-investment, Mauritius residency programme, and both Maltese programmes: the Malta Permanent Residence Programme and the Malta Citizenship by Naturalisation for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment (ESDI). We are constantly on the lookout for the best programmes that offer the best value for our clients. 

Programmes we have assisted with in the past, which are no longer available, include the UK Tier 1, Irish Immigrant Investor Programme and the hugely successful Montenegro Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programme. 

Our expert consultants can assist you with every step of the process, from selecting your programme to getting your passport or residency.

Not ready to commit to an investment migration programme? International real estate can be an excellent first step in offshoring your wealth.

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Meet your citizenship-by-investment team


  • Richard Haller
    Managing Director: Offshore Real-Estate & Investment Migration
  • Andrew Rissik
    Group International Director
  • Sihle Goniwe - Client Administrator
    Sihle Goniwe
    Senior Investment Migration Caseworker
  • Shakirah Campbell-Essa
    Investment Migration Caseworker
  • Paula Spinola
    Client Relations Consultant Portugal
  • Valencia Jacobs
    Client Administrator
  • Tarren Mackay
    Sales and Marketing Coordinator
  • Sarah Young
    Investment Migration Manager
  • megan_copley
    Megan Copley
    Sales Director: Offshore Real-Estate and Investment Migration
  • Richard Haller
    Managing Director: Offshore Real-Estate & Investment Migration

    Richard grew up in Cape Town and graduated from the University of Stellenbosch in 2001. Like many South African’s at that time, he then moved to London and spent four years working at Goldman Sachs Investment Bank.

    In 2004, Richard returned to Cape Town and joined the Pam Golding Property Group’s international division, where he moved through the ranks from finance, to operations and then the Director of their Mauritius Operation. Richard and his family moved to Mauritius in 2017, where he headed up the group's Mauritius operation on the Island, with a specialised focus on successfully launching new real-estate developments to the Southern African and EU market.

    Richard has an extreme passion for real-estate and the investment migration industry, which focuses on residency-by-Investment and citizenship-by-Investment programmes that allow individuals and families alike the freedom of global movement.

    In his free time, Richard enjoys travelling, a session of surfskiing, a round of golf, or a walk up the mountain with his family.

    Richard holds an MBA from the University of Cape Town, Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Stellenbosch and a diploma in Real-Estate Development from Cape Town Technical University.

  • Andrew Rissik
    Group International Director

    Andrew grew up in South Africa, where he was schooled at Michaelhouse after which he completed his education at the University of Stellenbosch.

    He served as an officer in the South African Navy before completing his management training with the McCarthy Group.

    He established a company that facilitated the investment of UK client money into the emerging South African property market. He successfully sold his interests before being appointed to head up Sable International's forex team.

    Andrew is a keen sailor who has competed internationally and spends many weekends away either sailing or enjoying the outdoors with his wife and two children.

  • Sihle Goniwe
    Senior Investment Migration Caseworker

    Sihle studied Surface Design at Cape Peninsula University of Technology and has qualifications in in hospitality and graphic design. She is well experience in assisting clients through her previous experience as a Front Office Administrator at The Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel.

    At Sable International, Sihle performs a key role in assisting investment migration clients with all aspects of administration around their application.

    Outside of work, she taps into her creativity and spends her time on DIY projects, sketching and creating textile designs.

  • Shakirah Campbell-Essa
    Investment Migration Caseworker

    Shakirah was born and raised in Table View, Cape Town. She travelled a bit when she was young, and that’s where her desire to explore and travel the world began.

    After matriculating, she studied Events Management at Prestige Academy college. Before joining Sable International she worked at Discovery Headquarters in Cape Town for six years. During this time, she was tasked with numerous operations pertaining, but not limited to, delivering excellent services to clients from start to finish. Problem solving and providing initiative thinking just to mention a few.

    She is currently an Investment Migration Caseworker at Sable International assisting clients through every administrative step throughout their migration application process.

    She is extremely goal-oriented and hard working. She is always up for a new challenge and love seeing her visions come to reality.

  • Paula Spinola
    Client Relations Consultant Portugal

    Paula is South African - Portuguese and from the city of Johannesburg. In 2014 she left South Africa to be a flight attendant for Emirates Airlines where she lived in Dubai for 11 years. She left commercial aviation to do private aviation in Saudi Arabia and the UAE for a further nine years, where she spent half the year living in Portugal in her time off. Her first job in Portugal was as a chiropractic assistant. 

    She loves meeting people and getting to see and experience new things. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and resources with other people. On her time off she loves cooking (and eating), reading and learning new hobbies. She also enjoys a good TV series when the weather is moody outside.

  • Valencia Jacobs
    Client Administrator

    Valencia matriculated from Steenberg Secondary then did a PA course at the Academy of Learning. She has worked at Table Mountain Cable Way, and in 4- and 5-star hotels in Cape Town. She took a four-year break from working, in order to study social work through Unisa, after which she worked in Health & Safety for seven years.

    She joins our Investment Migration team where she will be working as a client administrator. 

    She has a bubbly personality and is very humble. She is eager to learn and grow in her new role. Outside of work, Valencia loves spending time with her daughter and grandson. She also loves to braai with friends or binge watch series.

  • Tarren Mackay
    Sales and Marketing Coordinator

    Tarren was born and raised in Cape Town and matriculated from Fairbairn College in 2006. She has higher certificates in finance and banking, as well as education, training and development practices.

    Before joining Sable International as a Sales and Marketing Coordinator, she worked for Capitec Bank Head Office for six years before moving into offshore property investments. She spent four years at OrbVest gaining an in-depth understanding of offshore property management in the medical office building niche.

    Tarren is a mother of two, embracing life with a bright perspective. She flourishes through continual learning, finding the silver lining in every experience.

    Outside of work, she loves taking photographs (she is a part-time photographer) and travelling to new places as well as spending quality time with her family.

  • Sarah Young
    Investment Migration Manager

    Originally from the UK, Sarah is well-travelled – having worked in France, South America and Botswana before settling in Cape Town. She graduated at the top of her class with a BA (Hons) in International Business before spending 15 years in hospitality. During this time, she gained a clear understanding of the need for global mobility through her own experience.

    Sarah currently oversees Sable International’s Investment Migration casework team, assisting clients with finding the programme which best fits their needs. Once people have chosen their route to global citizenship, she assists them every step of the way through the entire process.

    In her free time Sarah enjoys life outdoors, spending time with family and friends paired with laughter, good food and wine.


  • Megan Copley
    Sales Director: Offshore Real-Estate and Investment Migration

    Megan was educated at St Peters College, followed by Stellenbosch University, before leaving South Africa to pursue a property career in London.

    Predominantly working in real estate across Europe, the UK, the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean, advising clients on their portfolios, Megan has worked for Savills and UK billionaire John Caudwell and now is now Sales Director for Sable International’s Real Estate and Investment Migration division.

    Her vision is to advise clients, through a very personalised process, on investing in real estate abroad and to build a division anchored on integrity and trust, using her ample experience in the property world.

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