Our regulators and authorisation

Our authorised FSP Licence number is 41900.

Sable International FX is authorised to render intermediary services in respect of the financial product types, as listed below:

  • Securities and instruments: Derivative instruments excluding warrants
  • Long-term deposits
  • Short-term deposits

Our compliance undertaking

Sable International has appointed National Compliance CC Ltd as its independent external compliance officer. National Compliance is an authorised Compliance Practice that fulfills the compliance function for Financial Services Providers (FSP’s) on an outsourced basis to ensure compliance within the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act (FAIS) and Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA) framework. National Compliance can be contacted on 0860 104 194. The practice number for National Compliance with the Financial Services Conduct Authority is 1307.

What the FAIS Act does

The FAIS Act regulates financial service providers and the representatives of financial service providers selling a wide range of financial products. The FAIS Act gives you, the client, protection against poor advice.

In terms of the Act, any person or institution selling a financial product or giving you financial advice for a fee or commission must, in dealing with you, meet certain minimum requirements; behave honourably, professionally and with due diligence as well as provide you with appropriate advice. If they do not adhere to the FAIS Act, they will be subject to disciplinary procedures.

Know your adviser (KYA)

Before you do any business with us, we will provide you with essential information about ourselves. This information includes:

This information includes:

  • Full business and trade names
  • Licence registration number
  • All contact details - postal and physical addresses, telephone and cell phone numbers as well as internet and email addresses
  • Names and details of other people or branch offices to contact, if you require further information
  • Concise details of our legal and contractual status, including details about what financial services we are permitted to provide and which company or companies we represent

Complaints procedure


Conflict of interest policy


Disclosure document


POPI privacy policy


Promotion of Access to information (PAIA)


Treating customers fairly