Payments Manager

Fund. Convert. Pay. It’s that simple

With Payments Manager, you take control of your international money transfer needs.

Fund your wallet with up to 35 currencies and convert and pay at your convenience.

Global Collections

Of all the challenges businesses face, getting paid shouldn't be one of them.

With Global Collections, collecting international payments is made simple, fast and hassle-free.

It’s now easier for your customers to pay you in their local currency.

How it works:

The Currency Solved platform

A simple and easy-to-use platform that removes the complexity around currency conversions.

We provide a logical conversion, payments and receipts process with full trade visibility that administers international money transfers in line with global compliance standards.

Corporate wallet holders can assign user roles with a variety of security permissions.

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Take your forex to the next level

How you benefit with Currency Solved

It’s the cost-effective way to manage your global currency requirements all in one place.

Currency Solved gives you access to live exchange rates as well as global currency receipts and payouts.

No transfer fees. No hidden costs. Fantastic service.

Live currency conversions

Convert your currency at exceptional exchange rates priced off the live currency markets. You can secure exchange rates 24 hours a day, five days a week.

Global payments

Global payments functionality gives you choice and control over your local and international payments. Local payouts are far more cost-effective and we offer domestic payouts to over 35 countries.

Global receipts

We help you get paid faster. Buyers can pay invoices locally, in their own currency, rather than with international transfers. The money is available quickly and can be converted before being paid back into your bank account at home.

DIY or broker assistance

You can book trades yourself using the interactive conversions and payments platform or have one of our brokers secure your exchange rate over the phone.

Take your forex to the next level

Who is Currency Solved for?

Importers and wholesalers

  • Convert when favourable and hold balance to sustain future payments/invoices
  • Local payment means zero sending fees
  • Easily manage and validate multiple beneficiaries


Simplify your buyers’ payments and control the conversion thereof. Seamless payment and receipt, with added revenue.

  • American and European buyers settle locally in USD and EURO
  • Foreign currency can be held unchanged and used to offset future payments

Travel and tourism industry

  • Clients benefit from convenient payment into local USD and EURO accounts
  • Reduces the need for card payments with heavy fees and commission payments to merchants
  • Foreign currency can be held, unchanged and used to settle service provider invoices

How does the relationship between Sable International and Currencycloud work? 

Key aspects

  • Sable International owns the relationship with you and are responsible for providing you with ongoing help and support.
  • Currencycloud is an authorised financial services entity ultimately providing regulated payments and e-money services to you via their technology, platform and payments network. This enables us to provide a seamless service to you.
  • Currencycloud is responsible for regulatory compliance regarding the provision of regulated payments and e-money services to you under this agreement.

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