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Bespoke investment advice that is tailored to your goals and circumstances

Offshore investment opportunities for the US investor

Our investment philosophy is based on decades of research by leading finance academics such as Eugene Fama, Kenneth French, Markowitz and Sharpe. Fortunately, we believe the most modern and sophisticated investment techniques are generally cheaper than current methods. We refer to this as the natural evolution of investing and utilise these tools to help you work towards your goals.

Our investment philosophy focuses on:

  • Efficiency – taxes and charges taken out of your portfolio are not providing a return in your portfolio
  • Asset allocation – the biggest driver of portfolio variance in the long run is asset allocation, not stock picking or market timing.
  • High levels of diversification – a well-diversified portfolio may provide smoother returns over time and may create a better efficient frontier
  • Tax efficiency and compliance – tax matters for US persons abroad
  • Managing risk and returns in context – ensuring you only take investments risks you understand and are prepared for

US persons required to file US tax returns are restricted in the methods they can use to invest outside of the US.

Some of the benefits one our advisors can offer are:

  1. US offshore pension structures — that allow full investment freedom inside the wrapper. These structures ensure your investment portfolio can be matched to the country of your residence.
  2. Unwrapped portfolio options with QEF status — these options avoid PFIC tax treatment of your offshore investments.
  3. Managing your US-based investments to ensure compliance with the rules of your country of residence.

Bespoke investment advice that is tailored to your goals and circumstances

Trusts advice

Although US law does recognise trusts, the tax code is particularly hostile toward foreign trusts deemed to be controlled from the US, invested in US assets or providing untaxed benefits to US residents.

Foreign trusts when structured correctly can help protect foreign assets from US estate duty. Therefore inward immigrants to the US or green card applicants should ensure advice is sought before activation of the green card or arrival on the US.


Cross-border financial planning

We work with you to build a US and offshore-efficient plan for you and your family’s future.

What does financial independence mean to you as an American expatriate living abroad?

  • What are your financial goals in life?
  • What does money mean to you?
  • What are the variables that can be adjusted to move you closer to financial independence?
  • How prepared are you for the unexpected?
  • Where do you plan to spend your retirement and how much do you need to live on?
  • What happens to your loved ones when you are not around?

Financial plans are not models of the future. They need to be adjusted over time and used as a map in times of turmoil. By its very nature, to plan is to prepare for the future, yet no one can tell what that holds. As part of our framework, we provide our clients with a plan for tomorrow.

We provide advice across the following areas:

  • Setting up appropriate US investment structures to comply with PFIC rules
  • Ensuring foreign pensions are compliant with US rules
  • Helping you understand the tax treatment of your US and offshore investments
  • Managing your US investment accounts appropriately for your new country of choice
  • Estate Duty planning
  • Advising on use of trusts and foundations relevant to your needs
  • Advice on application of relevant tax treaties to your circumstances

Let us help you:

  • Manage your investments for US compliance and peace of mind
  • Ensure forex risks of investments are managed appropriately
  • Tailor a low-cost, diversified investment portfolio around your specific needs.*

*This would incorporate a diversified set of asset classes like equity, bonds, property, hedge funds, commodities, etc.

Advisory services in the United States offered and provided through Beacon Global Advisor Network. There are no guarantees offered that a client will meet their investment goals and objectives. Investing involves risk including the loss of principal. No plan, service, or advice can protect against market risk or investment loss.

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