Study in Australia

Australia has a world-class reputation for many high-quality academic institutions. You can study undergraduate, master's or doctorate degrees at highly ranked universities or get a more hands-on education at a prestigious Australian college.

Colleges in Australia offer vocational qualifications, including certificates and diplomas, which provide graduates with job-relevant skills to help them excel in the workplace. Students often enrol in a double or combined bachelor's programme. These programmes are attractive to international students as they lead to the awarding of two bachelor's degrees.


Unique environment

Work while you study


Vocational qualifications

Post-study graduate visa

Study in Canada

Thanks to the relatively low cost of living, world-class institutions and a welcoming environment for international students and residents, it’s no wonder Canada has become the world’s number one study abroad destination. Canada offers diverse and safe communities and boundless research opportunities in the country’s innovative environment.


Safe and friendly


Comparatively affordable


Diverse and multicultural

Post-graduate work permit

Study in Ireland

Half of Ireland’s listed universities are on at least one global university ranking list, including the QS and ARWU list of the world's best universities. These universities are also in the top 1% of research institutions worldwide.

Ireland is home to the European headquarters of some of the world’s largest companies including Google, Pfizer and Dell. These businesses work with universities on shared research projects and also provide extensive job opportunities, should you wish to remain in Ireland one day.


High standard of education

Work while you study


Job opportunities


One of the safest countries

Study in New Zealand

New Zealand, despite its small population, has some of the best universities in the world, with a range of faculties to choose from.

New Zealand’s universities offer degrees and vocational subjects, the latter of which will endow you with important industry skills to enhance your employability. International students in New Zealand will feel right at home thanks to the nation’s welcoming attitude and multicultural population.


Variety of scholarships

Work while you study


Friendly and welcoming

Route to immigration

Study in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is known for its innovative education system, which focuses on teamwork and promotes a friendly relationship with lecturers as opposed to the formal hierarchy typical in other western institutions.

The Netherlands offers three branches of higher education: research-oriented education, higher professional education and a third branch provided by institutes for international education. This third branch, while smaller than the other two, is designed specifically for international students in the Netherlands.


Innovative education system


English widely spoken


Comparatively affordable

Post-study visa

Study in the UK

The UK is well known for its academic excellence. Many UK universities frequently appear at the top of university ranking lists. The courses offered by UK universities are short and intensive but can save you time and money with the lower tuition and living costs.

To bridge the gap between local and UK education systems, UK pathway providers offer pre-university preparation through foundation–level courses. To apply to UK universities, you will need to apply through UCAS. As a registered UCAS centre, we are able to complete and submit your application on your behalf. 


Top universities

Part-time work while studying


Shorter courses

Graduate visa

Study in the USA

The United States currently boasts the largest international student population globally. US higher education institutions are known around the world for their programme and faculty quality.

The US is an unparalleled choice when it comes to academic and social environments, entry requirements, and the number of fields available to study. US institutions still lead when it comes to the number of academic specialisations and research opportunities offered.


Wide variety of courses


Career assistance


Practical internships

Post-study temp work visa

Other Study Abroad destinations for international students

We have a range of universities for you to choose from in Africa, Asia, and Europe including The United Arab Emirates, Germany, Mauritius, Finland and more.

Study abroad with Sable International

As we interact directly with the university, our application process is quicker and more streamlined. We are familiar with the country’s education system, the cost of studying, visa and health insurance requirements, and future employment possibilities to help you decide which country is perfect for your circumstances.

Our partners offer both full programmes and pathway entry programmes. Pathway entry programmes bridge the gap between secondary and tertiary education institutions and help with English language preparation.

We can also assist with student visas and any questions you may have about working during your studies.

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