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How to complete our assessment

It’s simple to use, takes a couple of minutes to complete and gives you immediate feedback on your solutions. There’s no waiting around for an advisor to contact you. What’s more, your data is stored in our secure database, allowing you to access it again via our login feature.

Designed and run by Philip Gamble, our online British citizenship test asks you some basic questions, like:

  • The country and date of birth of you and your family
  • What passports each family holds (or held in the past)

These inputs are filtered against over 3,000 different routes to British nationality that Philip and his team have discovered to produce your result.


What results do I get?

On your results page - the final page of the assessment - you will see the routes to British nationality applicable to you. By clicking on each one, you can read more about our solution and how you appear to qualify for it.

From your results page, you can then order any one of the following services:

British passport review

Philip Gamble reviews the family tree you have created and give his opinion on your chances of having a valid claim to British nationality.

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Status Trace

This sets out all the visas and routes to British nationality that you and your family may qualify for.

Read more
British Nationality law summary

A summary of the principles of British nationality law setting out the ways in which British nationality can be claimed.

Read more
Free Citizenship seminar PDF

We always provide a personalised service and all our solutions are tailored to our clients’ needs.


British Citizenship Assessment

Discover if you have a claim with this quick questionnaire

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British Nationality Assessment

Discover if you qualify for British nationality through your heritage. Our online assessment uses your personal circumstances, and those of your parents and grandparents, to let you know your chances of attaining a British passport.

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