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If you’re top of your game, you shouldn’t have to choose between playing the sport you love and receiving the best education.

The USA has over 4,000 institutions to choose from, a greater variety than any other country. It is known for hosting some of the world's top universities and a flexible education system that allows you to pursue your passions and discover where you shine.


Since inception, we have helped over 600 athletes to study in the USA and have secured over $65 million in American sport scholarships for these athletes. 


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We are passionate about sports, education and empowering students to lead extraordinary lives, both athletically and academically. Our vision is to achieve this through providing students with trusted and innovative advice, bridging the gap between talent and opportunity for high school athletes. We have a dedicated team that continuously pushes the sports-bar, aiming to change over 2,000 lives per year.

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Angel Nkosi
Women's Field Hockey at Ball State University

Liam Stott

Liam Stott
Water Polo at Bucknell University

Costi Christodoulou
Soccer at Dartmouth

USA college sports

College sports in the USA is a billion-dollar industry, with some college football programmes earning up to $100 million each year. This funding empowers universities to remain at the front line of academic excellence while simultaneously having some of the world's finest athletic amenities. It also means that these colleges are hungry to spot the best international up-and-coming talent.

More than 600 sportsmen and women from across different walks of life have used our services to gain scholarships at leading universities such as Princeton, UCLA, University of Michigan, Dartmouth and the University of Texas, to name a few.

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We link our athletes with the USA's best universities, assist with the daunting admissions process and offer scholarship application assistance.

Dedicated success coach
Monthly meetings
Communication and support
Expectation management
Goal setting
Subject choice guide
GPA guidance
Website profile
Refund protection
University sourcing
Strategic university marketing
Scholarship management
Resume creation 
Video editing 
SAT registration 
TOEFL registration 
Transfer assistance 
NCAA registration  
Application submission  
SEVIS registration  
Visa registration  
Human performance coaching  
Multi transfer assistance  


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