London has attracted major investment over the years and, despite questions around it’s continued increase in house prices, has never ceased to amaze as demand remains high here. This city is truly the land of opportunity, consistently attracting people from all parts of the globe seeking the cosmopolitan lifestyle and career prospects London has to offer. This unique city has become a safe haven for property owners with the ongoing demand for housing and stable property prices.

The UK has many other hubs including Birmingham and Manchester. Thanks to constant regeneration, these cities can now compete on the global stage. They offering more achievable property prices for investors and equally high quality tenants through the migration of large businesses.


Available Offshore Property

  • Rawson’s Mill - Halifax
    West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

    Rawson's Mill, a historic worsted mill constructed between 1825 and 1828, was a prominent industrial landmark in Halifax and a pioneering example of iron-frame construction in the country. The mill's transformation will preserve its heritage while introducing modern luxury, featuring 58 stylish apartments with one, two, or three bedrooms, alongside two semi-detached houses, blending the old with the new.

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  • Falcon - Redbank
    Manchester, United Kingdom

    The Falcon is a newly integrated development in one of Manchester's largest regeneration sites with 40,000 hectares of parklands, creating prime Manchester's finest residential area. The development consists of 1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments with generous proportions and floor-to-ceiling windows.  Phase 1 is now under construction with Phase 2 now launching.  

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Benefits of investing in the UK


A straightforward buying process


No restrictions on foreign investment


An established offering of mortgages at relatively low interest rates


High demand for rental accommodation in the middle-to-upper end of the market

Long-term factors to consider

  • High demand is expected to result in continuous price increases for both residential property and rental pricing, especially in urban areas where demand outweighs supply.
  • Ongoing regeneration and infrastructure upgrades, which drive demand
  • Efficient systems in place for property management, stabilising asset maintenance post investment.
  • English is the main language
  • Multinational country with a strong cultural backing
All considered, it's easy to see why the UK is a chosen favourite for real estate investment.

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