1995 - 1st Contact

The business gave young professionals a helping hand during their first years in the UK, with services covering contracting, tax returns, immigration, forex, shipping and travel (amongst others). The company grew fast within the foreign national community thanks to its legendary customer service, employing 250 staff by 2007.

Many of these clients chose to stay on in the UK instead of returning home. They found that their financial and tax affairs got more complex and their needs increasingly sophisticated - so much so that they required more specialised advice and expertise.

At the same time, 1st Contact had started attracting more and more British and UK-based clients.

2004 - Sable Private Wealth

Sable Private Wealth began life with the goal of offering tax and wealth planning to affluent, high-earning South Africans living in London. A joint venture between Sable and 1st Contact in 2007 allowed both businesses to offer a wider range of services to their respective clients.

Over the years, the relationship grew, strengthened and converged. Sable was integrated into the 1st Contact Group in 2011, with a vision of offering a full range of professional services to international citizens.

2013 - The Sable Group

The Sable Group operates across three core brands:

  • Sable represents the premium brand of the group, catering to professional clients with international interests.
  • 1st Contact continues to help young people move over to the UK.
  • Philip Gamble offers a range of UK immigration and British nationality advice and applications.

Seven of our directors have shares in the business and a talented group of managers oversees operations across five offices in three continents. Our staff strives to make a difference to the lives of our clients, moving the company into more specialist areas in even more countries.

2016 - Sable International

In 2016 Sable became Sable International. This re-branding shows our commitment and focus on international clientele across our major markets.

We help clients internationalise themselves, their wealth and their businesses through the following divisions:

Now, more than ever, our company's focus is to provide an integrated and holistic financial service to our clients, no matter where they're from or where they're going. We're excited about what the future holds for us, our staff and our clients.