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Ancestry visas

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Spousal/partner visas

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Tier 2 visa

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Student visa


Hassle-free five-year UK Ancestry visa extensions

If you have held an Ancestry visa for five years and meet the relevant requirements, you can apply to stay in the UK permanently. Alternatively, you may extend your visa.

The application to extend your Ancestry visa must be made from within the UK before your current visa expires.

If you have any dependants on your current visa, they must be included in your application to extend. This includes any children who have turned 18 within the past five years.

If you are granted an extension, you will have to pay a “health surcharge” together with your visa extension application fees. This surcharge allows you to gain access to care from the National Health Service (NHS).  The surcharge is currently £470 per year for students and £624 for all other visa types.

An extension will allow you to remain in the UK for an additional five years.

Extend your UK Ancestry visa

We’ll take care of all of the admin involved in applying for your Ancestry visa extension. Once you have sent us the relevant documents, we can submit the application on your behalf.

We’ve been helping people with visa and nationality applications for over 20 years. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to ensure that your application has the greatest chance of success.

Extend your spouse visa, partner visa or fiancé visa

For the extension of your UK spouse visa, partner visa or fiancé’s visa, you can only apply for a 28 days before it expires.

Applying for a visa extension can be a complicated process, especially when children are involved. It’s useful to get a professional to look at your circumstances. This ensures you don’t make a costly, and disastrous, error on your UK visa extension application.

You can expect a decision on your visa extension application to arrive in roughly 12 weeks if you applied using the standard application. There is also a fast-track visa service that will give you a decision on your partner’s visa extension within 24 hours.

Tier 2 visa extension

The type of Tier 2 visa you hold will determine how you must apply to extend your stay in the UK. All Tier 2 extension applications are judged in a multifaceted way. Your employment situation, your salary and your continued sponsorship by your current employer are all relevant factors. You must also be present in the UK to apply for the visa extension.

The Home Office needs solid evidence of the above as well as your biometric information. If everything is in order, you can extend your Tier 2 (General) visa to complete the five years required for indefinite leave to remain. Applications are generally answered within eight weeks for the standard service or within 10 days if you are eligible for the Tier 2 priority application service.

As with other visas, if the Home Office determines that your UK visa extension application is more complex, they will contact you for more information. In these situations, it pays to be prepared so that you can answer their questions correctly and quickly.

If you are changing your job you will need to do so very carefully. Making the wrong application can get you sent back to your home country. Make sure to chat to a professional before you find yourself in a sticky situation.

Student visa extension

To extend your Tier 4 (General) student visa, you must be in the UK and have a sponsor. As when you applied for your initial student visa, you can only be sponsored by a UK, or overseas, higher education institute, certain colleges or an independent school.

You must apply for your visa extension within six months of receiving your confirmation of acceptance for studies and before your current visa expires. Do note: You cannot apply for your UK visa extension more than three months before your next course’s start date.

When extending your visa, you will need to pay the immigration health surcharge, provide detailed documentation to prove you are going to continue to be a student in the UK, and provide all your biometric data so you can get your biometric residence permit.

Your application will take up to eight weeks, but you can use a priority service that will get you a result in 10 days. You also can use a fast-track visa service that will get you an answer on the same day. To use the premium service, you’ll need to go to one of the premium service centres in person.

If you have any children under 18 living in the UK on your Tier 4 student visa, then you must apply for their visa extensions at the same time.

The process is much the same for those who are in the UK on a Tier 4 (Child) student visa. If you have any questions about renewing a child’s student visa, do not hesitate to contact our UK visa experts.

Do you need to apply for a family member?

We can help you with your family members’ applications. We can handle your visa extension applications at the same time and ensure that they are processed together where possible to save you unnecessary stress.

Has your visa expired?

If your visa has already expired, we may be able to help. This is a last resort and you should always ensure your visa is renewed within good time.

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