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If you are a citizen or passport holder of a country or territory listed above, and that country or territory has not filled all its places for the year, you may be eligible to come to the UK under the Youth Mobility Scheme.

Citizens of Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan may also be able to apply if they've been selected in the Youth Mobility Scheme ballot.

If you are a British overseas citizen, a British national or a British overseas territories citizen, you are also eligible to apply under the scheme. In these cases, you will not need a sponsor and the number of places available is not limited.

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Staying in the UK after your Youth Mobility Scheme visa expires

The Youth Mobility Scheme visa is valid for two years and is not renewable. We have included the most common visa options below, if you wish to remain in the UK once your T5 visa has expired.

There are various routes available, depending on your family relationships and what visa you might qualify for. You might need to leave the UK and apply for a new visa in your home country.

Apply from your home country

UK Ancestry visa

If you have a UK-born grandparent, you will be able to apply for an Ancestry visa. Ancestry visa. Once this is granted, you will be able to return to the UK, to live and work.

Skilled Worker visa

If you have received a job offer or sponsorship opportunity during your two years in the UK, you can apply for a Skilled Worker visa.

If you qualify for either of these visas, you will need to return to your home country to apply for them.

Switching from a Youth Mobility Scheme visa: Applying from within the UK

If you would prefer to stay in the UK without returning home, there are three visa options which allow you to do this:

Ancestry dependant visa

If you are married to (or in a relationship with) an Ancestry visa holder, you may become a dependent on their visa. This application may be made from within the UK. When the Ancestry visa holder qualifies for indefinite leave to remain, you will be eligible to apply at the same time.

Spouse visa

If you are in a relationship with or married to someone who is British or has settled status in the UK, you may apply for a spouse visa. However, this route has certain income threshold requirements: Your spouse must earn at least £18,600 per year in order for you to be eligible to receive this visa (more if you have children).

Settled status is most commonly held by:

  • Be a passport holder of a participating country
  • An Irish citizen ordinarily resident in the UK
  • An EU national (or non-EU national family member) who has permanent residency
  • A non-EU national ordinarily resident in the UK holding indefinite leave to remain (ILR)
  • A person holding the right of abode

To find out more about when a person is considered to hold settled status, get in touch with our UK immigration experts.

The easy way to life in the UK.

Skilled Worker visa

If you have received a job offer or sponsorship while on your T5 visa in the UK, you can apply for a Skilled Worker visa. This visa type can lead to permanent residency and eventual citizenship.

We know that switching visas can be a tricky and stressful process. Our expert immigration advisors can ensure your application is smooth and successful.


Terms and conditions for the Youth Mobility visa

To be eligible to enter the UK under the Youth Mobility Scheme, you must meet the general criteria mentioned above and must never have been issued a working holiday visa before.

The Youth Mobility Scheme visa is issued for two years, during which time you may study and/or take employment in the UK. However, you may not get public funds or work as a professional sportsperson, doctor or dentist in training – unless you can show that you qualified for this position in the UK.

You may not have family members attached to this visa; spouses and children must apply separately.

If you wish to apply and are currently located in Australia or New Zealand, please contact our Australasian office to find out how we can assist you with your visa as well as help you kick-start your life in the UK. For Canada and Japan, please contact our UK office for assistance.

To qualify you must:

  • Be between the ages of 18 and 30
  • Be a passport holder of a participating country
  • Have sufficient funds at your disposal (at least £2,530)
  • Not have been granted the visa previously
  • Intend to return home after living and working in the UK for two years

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