The steps we take to ensure your security:

At Sable International we are passionate about our company values: Care, Solve, Grow and Enjoy. For our clients, we care about protecting you and your wealth from fraudsters and scams. As a cross-border specialist firm we are more aware than most of the dangers presented by fraudsters. To protect you and your assets, we are focused on:

  • Building a strong relationship with you
  • Technology and systems
  • Process and procedure
  • Educating and informing you every step of the way

Technology and systems

We use adviser-driven and technology-focused platforms. These technologies put us between you and your money, and we plan to make greater use of them as we continue to develop our systems. These platforms reduce the risk of documents being altered, intercepted or even fake re-creations. We do take additional precautions such as the use of our Client Portal to send sensitive information, calling you for verification, being available to receive your calls for verification and the continued support and education of our clients.

By building a professional and client-service-driven relationship with you, we can do more to protect you against fraud and scams.

How our focus on security may affect you

Change of personal details

  • If you need to change your personal details, we will call you to verify the change or request that it is updated in our secure portal.
  • We may request new supporting or verification documents.
  • When confirming your bank details we have on file for you, we may request updated proof of bank details.
  • Payments to a third-party bank account are high risk. Where you request this, please expect additional checks from us. Some providers will simply refuse to make third-party payments.

Keeping you informed

Our aim is to empower you to be vigilant when it comes to online security, payments in or out, and protecting your personal data.

Steps you can take to protect yourself

  • We will never email you to ask you to make a payment to an investment without prior discussion or confirmation. Should you ever receive an email suggesting you invest further funds, always call us before you do anything else.
  • Check the whole email address when communicating with Sable International or your provider. Ensure it fully matches the email address you’ve used before. Remember to also check the domain name.
  • Never give your personal details or account details to someone you are unfamiliar with or whose identity you are unable to verify.
  • When making payments, verify the bank details with us or the provider.
  • If the bank details provided do not match details you have previously paid to, please call us to verify any change in bank account details.
  • If you need to change your personal details, please call us.

Tips for you

Do not panic. Inform us if you suspect any fraud and do not proceed with the transaction.

Confirm if the bank details given are legitimate by verifying the details on your banking app* or provider’s website.

*Your bank may charge additional fees for this verification

Protect your personal information. Do not provide personal information, banking details, or credit card details to anyone that you have not verified or for an unknown reason.

Don’t send sensitive information such as credit card numbers by email.