We offer the following services tailored to UK residents


In particular, we offer the following services:

Financial planning

Our regulated financial advisors can advise on your investments in both the UK and South Africa. We also operate in the offshore market, therefore we can offer truly holistic international financial planning advice.

Retirement advice

Pensions remain one of the most important financial planning tools available to higher-rate taxpayers and are a core element to any financial plan. We create an effective, tax-efficient retirement plan for your finances.

Mortgage advice

Our mortgage brokers are ideally placed to ensure your UK property debt is efficiently managed, whether you are a UK resident or non-resident investor. We ensure you understand all of your options and then select the most appropriate one for your particular circumstances.

Insurance advice

We offer whole of market advice for UK and South African residents or clients in expat locations requiring specialist offshore cover. We advise on all major insurance areas, including life cover, disability cover, private medical cover, income protection, critical illness and specialist international life cover.

Wills and powers of attorney

We have over a decade of legal experience and are fully qualified to guide you through the creation and maintenance of an ironclad will. We’ll consider your particular circumstances and provide you with a no-obligation quote for preparing your will.

Auto enrolment

Our wealth team can proactively manage your auto enrolment project and drive the engagement with you. Our service is an ongoing relationship that covers full set-up, implementation, communication, and ongoing compliance oversight.

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The key benefits of our service include:

  1. Specialist skills

    We have specialist skills related to our clients' interests and needs

  2. Regulated

    We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

  3. Independent

    We are completely independent and offer "whole of market" advice

Meet our wealth team

Neil Ambrose
Neil Ambrose
Mortgage Broker
Sherron Alexander-Bedingfield
Sherron Alexander-Bedingfield
Will Writer
Niel Pretorius
Niel Pretorius
Independent Financial Planner and Emigrations Advisor
Mike Abbott
Mike Abbott
Director: Sable Wealth
Lauren Meeser
Lauren Meeser
Wealth Practice Manager
Ian Henning
Ian Henning
Independent Financial Planner and Mortgage Advisor
Claudia Mendes
Cláudia Mendes
International Financial Planner
Bill Monty
Bill Monty
Independent Financial Planner and Mortgage Advisor

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