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British passport services

We offer a range of services to citizens from around the world that want to explore their British nationality options. Our UK-based team can conduct research into your family tree and help you assess whether or not you have a legitimate claim to British nationality.

Online assessment

This is the first step in finding out if you have a claim to British citizenship.

We ask detailed questions about your family history and ancestry, which are relevant to your claim. Your answers are then filtered through our unique database of potential solutions and you see which solutions you may qualify for.

The assessment only takes a couple of minutes to complete and your results are returned immediately. So there's no waiting around for anyone to get back to you.

British Passport Review

After you have completed the online assessment you can order a free British Passport Review. This is the next step in discovering your specific route to British citizenship. Our British nationality experts will look at the family tree you created to answer the question: “Is there a chance of a valid claim to British nationality?” The more detailed your family tree, the easier it will be for us to assess your chances. We will also look at your children’s status if you have any.

you can order the review on the results page of your assessment or you can ask one of our advisors to fo it for you).  

What answers do I get?

Within five working days you will get an answer with three pieces of information:

  • A high-level one-word assessment: Definite, Likely, Unclear, Unlikely or Remote
  • A range of probabilities: >95%, 90%-95%, 25%-75%, 5%-25% or <5%
  • A detailed comment as to how the expert came to their assessment

Your type of claim is determined by this answer. If you receive a “Definite”, then you have a “standard claim” to British nationality and no further research is required.

If you get a “Likely”, “Unclear” or “Unlikely” answer, then there is some complexity to your family tree. We will have to conduct a Status Trace to find out for certain if you have a claim or not.

Discover if you have a claim to British citizenship

British citizenship Status Trace

With our Status Trace we research into your family's history (birth, death and marriage dates and countries of birth) to determine what rights to British nationality have been passed from one generation to another. The objective is to find whether a person (or their children) has a claim to British nationality in the modern day.

What does the Status Trace provide?

The research work is undertaken by a specialist British nationality expert trained in nationality law and a Status Trace report is written summarising their findings.

The Status Trace will enable Philip Gamble's nationality experts to provide a definitive "Yes" or "No" answer to whether you (or your children) have a right to a British passport. This service costs £350 and is popular with clients wanting to know whether they have a legitimate claim or not.

The Status Trace is the only way in which Philip Gamble and his team of British nationality advisors can establish your rights where there is any complexity in your family tree. In addition, it serves as the justification and legal basis by which you have a claim when an application is submitted to the Home Office.

To start the process, we suggest that you order your free British Passport Review. After you have an answer, you can then make a decision as to whether to move to the final step in finding out if you have a claim to British nationality – the Status Trace.

Discover if you have a claim to British citizenship

Key documents

Clients often struggle to find old family documents dating back decades, so we’ve listed some of the key documents you may need as well as details of our partners who can help you obtain them.

Birth certificates

This is an official record containing the full name, date and place of birth of a relevant parent and/or grandparent (a maiden name is also required for a mother or grandmother).

Death certificates

This document includes the full name and date of death of a relevant parent and/or grandparent (a maiden name is also required for a mother or grandmother).

Marriage certificates

These certificates contain the full name of both parents and the date and place of marriage.

Assistance obtaining documents

If you need assistance in obtaining any documents you need for your application, we’ve put together some recommended agents below. They can help source and retrieve visa-related documents, often with fast-track service.

UK, Ireland and the Channel Islands

The online websites that assist with documents for the UK are often county specific.

UK, Ireland and the Channel Islands documents

If you need an agent to assist your search with fast-track service, contact:

EZ Certificates

You can also search the civil registration index of births on

South African documents

The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) issues two types of birth certificates: a long-form or unabridged birth certificate and a vault birth certificate. The time it takes to order these certificates can vary greatly; it’s usually dependent on the date of birth as well as the centre you apply at.

The DHA are moving towards online orders for their certificates, but currently you still need to visit a local Home Affairs office or a South African embassy in the country you reside in.

We’ve partnered with companies that assist in obtaining all South African documentation:

Certificates RSA

Phone: +27 (0) 84 555 2558

Personal Document Specialists

Phone: +27 083 324 1438

Other African countries

Each country has its own process and required documentation. We recommend using these local agents:

Kenyan documents

Karengata Messenger Services (attention: Lucy)
Phone: +254 725 445 421

Zimbabwean documents

Nozie Chigarira - Veracity Business Services (Pvt) Ltd
Phone: +263 474 6434 | +263 474 6701 | +263 776 745 747

Zambian documents

Registrar-General's office in Lusaka
Phone: +260 211 236427

Take your first step to British citizenship

Apply for, or renew your, British passport

A person who holds any form of British nationality is entitled to hold a passport. However, only those who are British citizens have an unqualified right of entry and residence in the UK. Applying for a British passport is a complex procedure and it’s better to use a professional service to avoid costly errors.

We simplify your British passport application

All British passports applications are now processed in the UK rather than through the British High Commissions and embassies overseas. Supporting documents are required (these vary depending on the nature of the claim and the country of birth) and interviews to establish identity are usually required for your first passport. Whether you live in the UK or not, you are able to instruct us to assist you with your first passport application.

Applying for British citizenship

An application for a British citizenship must:

  • Be completed on the correct citizenship form

  • Be accompanied by evidence in support of the application

  • Be signed by the applicant as being correct

  • Include the application fee (if applicable)

  • Be addressed to the correct authority (which is now in the UK)

British passport renewals

Passport renewals (or second or subsequent passport applications) are best done shortly before your existing British passport expires. An application to renew a British passport which expired some years ago is taken as a first passport application. A renewal application must also be sent to the UK for processing and supporting documents are only required again in the event that your application has been selected for an active review.

An active review is where the Home Office have, at random, asked you to supply the original supporting documentation, or where the original application was sufficiently complex that it is not obvious why you qualified in the first instance.

UK passports

British citizenship assessment


Discover if you qualify for British citizenship through your heritage. Our online assessment uses your personal circumstances, and those of your parents and grandparents, to let you know your chances of attaining a British passport.


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