Saving for retirement

The amount you need to save for a successful retirement is dependent on many factors. These include how long you intend to work for, how your earning power changes over your working life, and the quality of life you’re aiming for in retirement. Having a healthy pension pot, whether it is a government pension scheme, or a private pension scheme is only one aspect of ensuring peace of mind during your retirement years.

Knowing how much you need to save today to meet your retirement needs tomorrow is just as crucial. That’s where we come in. Our wealth planners use the most sophisticated cash flow modelling techniques available to model your future for you, to ensure you build a successful retirement plan that is tailored to your needs.

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The debt management challenge

One of the most perplexing financial planning decisions facing clients is the repayment of debt versus saving of capital. The variances in the rate of return on investments in contrast to interest rates and the tax savings available through certain investment products, make these decisions seem complex. We work with you to understand your current financial situation and then design a realistic plan that protects your wealth and gets you where you want to be.

We provide financial services tailored to your goals and circumstances.

The investment challenge

The largest portion of the total return enjoyed by a client from his pension savings in retirement is a function of his asset allocation during the accumulation phase. That is the allocation of his pension savings within the pension to equities, bonds, property and alternative assets. We have access to the latest research from the investment industry and finance academia to help us manage this asset allocation in a dynamic way to position your portfolio appropriately for your needs.

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The tax planning challenge

In the UK, offshore pensions are some of the most tax-efficient savings vehicles available. However, the tax benefits are often complex and specific to the individual concerned. Legislative changes over the past decade have permanently altered the pension landscape in the UK.

Regulatory and tax changes in the international sphere continue to change the tax treatment of offshore pensions. These changes have affected how various financial product markets around the world interact with each other.

In the UK, the tax relief available to high-earners and the lifetime cap on pension savings have both been reduced. The impact of these changes is that the way one saves for retirement through different phases of life will need to change. Complex rules require equally complex strategies to make the most efficient use of the tax breaks available while still providing the required degree of flexibility and access.

Post-retirement income drawdown is also affected by changes to personal tax rates and even changes to double taxation agreement. Our clients are international, and we stay on top of these developments to help them make these decisions in a fast-moving international tax landscape.


The currency challenge

Globally mobile clients are often living and earning in a different jurisdiction and currency to where they might retire. Investment portfolios within medium- and long-term savings products should address these currency mismatches. That requires a financial adviser with global capabilities able to execute a risk matched and currency matched portfolio designed for your needs.


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