Experienced consultants to handle complex British citizenship and immigration cases

We have experience and expertise in various nationality paths.
Select the route closest to your circumstances to find out more.

Why clients love our solutions:


Over 20 years' experience in providing bespoke immigration and nationality advice


Fully regulated by the Office of Immigration Services, set up by the UK government


We treat each case on an individual basis, so our advice caters to your circumstances


We are members of the Association of Regulated Advisers, which promotes professionalism

Internationalise yourself, your wealth and your business

We are a company that specialises in professional services. We manage the accounting, wealth, financial and nationality needs of our clients. Our partnership enables them to realise their full potential.

Our clients are typically international citizens with family, property and wealth interests around the world. We put our clients at the heart of what we do and how we do it, allowing us to help them realise their goals in a measured and diversified manner.

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Meet your citizenship team

  • Philip Gamble: Founder and Senior Partner
    Philip Gamble
    Founder and Senior Partner
  • Reg-Bamford
    Reg Bamford
    Group CEO
  • Mishal Patel: Casework Manager
    Mishal Patel
    Director: Citizenship and Immigration
  • John Dunn: Citizenship and Immigration Manager
    John Dunn
    Director: Citizenship and Immigration
  • Christine Jansen van Vuuren
    Christine Jansen van Vuuren
    Immigration and Nationality Caseworker
  • Shelley Christians
    Shelley Christians
    Casework Admin Assistant
  • Nicole Alexander
    Nicole Williams
    Immigration and Nationality Advisor
  • Simone Jordaan
    Simone Jordaan
    Immigration and Nationality Advisor
  • Chelsea Hallett
    Chelsea Hallett
    Immigration and Nationality Advisor
  • Rajeshri Solanki
    Rajeshri Solanki
    Office Administrator
  • Yolanda Murray
    Yolanda Murray
    Front Office Manager
  • Megan McArthur
    Meghan McArthur
    Immigration and Nationality Team Leader
  • Reena Kothari
    Reena Kothari
    British Nationality Caseworker
  • Joanne Clay
    Joanne Clay
    British Nationality Caseworker
  • Donna Jarvis
    Donna Jarvis
    Personal Assistant to Philip Gamble
  • Kaj Patel
    Kaj Patel
    British Nationality Caseworker
  • Lisa Oosthuizen
    Lisa Oosthuizen
    Immigration and Nationality Advisor
  • Chanell Adams - Admin Assistant
    Chanell Adams
    Admin Assistant
  • Kerry Milne
    Kerry Milne
    Admin Assistant
  • Jason_Trudgian_bw
    Jason Trudgian
    Immigration and Nationality Caseworker