UK sponsor licences renewal no longer required

by Saskia Johnston | Feb 2, 2024

The Home Office has released a crucial update regarding sponsor licences, greatly simplifying the renewal process for companies. We will explo...

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Moving to the UK: My journey on a Skilled Worker visa

by Saskia Johnston | Feb 27, 2023

Our Senior Business Development Manager, Saskia Johnston, relocated to the UK in 2013. She describes her experiences obtaining a Skilled Worke...

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Forex tips: How to determine which brokers have the best security measures

by Saskia Johnston | Sep 30, 2022

Safety is always an important consideration when dealing with money. Transferring money internationally can present a security risk, so you wa...

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The advantages of using a forex company for your SME

by Saskia Johnston | Aug 10, 2022

SMEs face numerous challenges. Here is our advice on why using a money transfer company is beneficial and what tools can help your business.

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Meet the BI team: Saskia Johnston

by Staff Writer | Jul 12, 2021

Read about Saskia’s love of London, her favourite books and how her parents’ business success influenced her own career path.

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Travelling to the UK now requires pre-check authorisation

by Saskia Johnston | Jun 18, 2021

Visitors without a visa or immigration status will need to obtain authorisation before being allowed to enter the UK.

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