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High quality of education. The Australian school system is well-serviced and there's a good ratio of students to teaching staff. 


Australia offers a great climate with plenty of outdoor activities to take part in. It's a melting pot of cultures, so anyone can feel at home.

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A stable and growing economy with many expanding industries and unique work and study opportunities. 

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A high standard of living with a top-notch healthcare system (both private and state-provided).


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Popular Australian visas: Current processing times for 2024/2025

You want to move to Australia and you need to complete your visa application. The problem is, you don’t know how long it’s going to take. Here are some of the general visa processing time frames for popular Australian visas.

There is no exact answer when it comes to Australian visa processing times, they are constantly in flux and there is no way of knowing exactly how long it will be before you get an answer on your visa. These times are guidelines set out by the Australian government and are correct as of the 2024 Australian financial year, and are subject to change.

Government prioritising "on-hand" visa applications

The Australian government has stated that it is working to reduce the time it takes to finalise visa applications by increasing the number of staff processing applications. They are currently prioritising applications lodged by people outside of Australia, including Temporary Skilled, Student and Visitor visas.

Visa processing times from fastest to slowest

The Australian Department of Home Affairs updates its site with the full list of visa processing times monthly. These times are averages as the time period can change based on application volume, seasonal peaks and complex cases.

The Australian migration skill stream

If you are looking to immigrate to Australia, these are work and study visa options to fill shortages in the Australian labour market.

The processing times are:

Visa subclassVisa name90% of applications processed in
417Working holiday visa 31 days
858Global Talent visa – Distinguished Talent Pathway34 months
858Global Talent visa – Global Talent Pathway13 months
500Student visa – Higher Education sectorFour months
500Student visa – Postgraduate Research sectorFour months
190Skilled Nominated visa18 months
494Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional visa (provisional) – Employer Sponsored streamFive months
494Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional visa (provisional) – Labour Agreement streamSix months
491Skilled Work Regional visa (provisional) – State/Territory29 months
491Skilled Work Regional visa (provisional) – Family Sponsored Regional21 months
186Employer Nomination Scheme visa – Direct Entry13 months
186Employer Nomination Scheme visa – Labour Agreement PathwayFour months
186Employer Nomination Scheme visa – Temporary Residence Transition13 months
482Temporary Skill Shortage visa – Short termThree months
482Temporary Skill Shortage visa – Medium termFour months
482Temporary Skill Shortage visa – Labour AgreementFive months
189Skilled Independent visa – Points Tested17 months

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The Australian migration family stream and visitor visas

These are residential visas to reunite Australian citizens and permanent residents with loved ones from other countries. The processing times are:

Visa subclassVisa name90% of applications processed in
600Visitor visa – Tourist30 days
600Visitor visa – Sponsored Family28 days
600Visitor visa – Business Visitor18 days
801Partner visa – Permanent10 months
100Partner (Migrant) visa51 months
300Prospective Marriage visa27 months
309Partner (Provisional) visa26 months
820Partner (Temporary) visa47 months

Factors that influence visa processing times

There are many circumstances that can affect how long your Australian visa takes to get processed. These include factors such as:

  • Whether your visa application is complete and all the supporting documentation is included
  • The time taken to respond to Australian Home Affairs’ requests for additional information
  • How long it takes to receive information from external agencies. This includes, but is not limited to, health tests, character tests, and national security requirements
  • How many places are available in the migration programme

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