User or existing customer

This is a person who has a Sable International money transfer account.

New customer

This is a person who has registered to use the service for the very first time.

Referred customer

This is a new customer who registers for the service after being invited to do so by an existing customer. To qualify as a referred customer, the referred customer must register via the link provided by the existing Sable International customer.

Successful referral

This occurs when a referred customer completes a single transfer or multiple transfers to the value of £1,000 (or the currency equivalent).

*Excludes transfers from South Africa / ZAR.

Referral rewards

This is a Pound amount which a user is paid after accruing a successful referral. This is our way of thanking our users for sharing our service with those around them.

1. Referral rewards on offer

We reserve the right to withdraw the offer at any time for any reason. In the event that the programme is cancelled, all existing/unpaid referral rewards will be paid out.

2. Referrals, eligibility and tracking

2.1 Referral rewards

  • Each successful referral will result in the person who made the referral receiving £20.
  • Referrals are unlimited and will accumulate until paid out to the user or their nominee.
  • Referral rewards can be paid out at any point by the user via the Sable International payment portal.

2.2 Eligibility

To be eligible to take part in the Refer a Friend programme, you must be a registered Sable International Forex customer.

We reserve the right to audit all referrals to make sure they meet the qualifying criteria to earn you a referral point. Should they, for any variety of reasons, not meet the criteria (including but not limited to being unique, new or not a previous user), we reserve the right to remove them, as well as any points accrued, from your referral list.

2.3 Tracking

In order for us to track referred customers and allocate them to the correct user, it is imperative that the referred customer clicks on the link sent to them by the user, via the method/platform of the user’s choice. This link will take them to the registration page. Once registered, the referred customers name and surname will be linked to the user and tracked by Sable International accordingly.

3. Account security

Users are responsible for the security of their own account and should not share confidential information, particularly their own username and password, with anyone. Sable International cannot be held responsible for any loss incurred through access to your account if your username and/or password have been disclosed to a third party.

4. Claiming and receiving referral rewards

Referral rewards are only payable on the successful referral of new customers. Existing clients do not qualify for referral rewards. Sable International reserves the right to audit the validity of any claim and should the claim be fraudulent for any number of reasons, as determined by Sable International. We reserve the right to void the claim and if necessary take legal action.

5. Fraud

Sable International reserves the right, at any time, to perform audit checks on each user and any referrals. Should any fraudulent activity be suspected, a user may have their account suspended indefinitely. Fraudulent activity may include an attempt at having multiple accounts, claiming fraudulent referral rewards or any combination of indiscretions as deemed so by Sable International.