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Use our currency calculator and other forex tools to check live rates and more

We have developed a range of custom online currency tools to keep you informed about forex movements. You can set custom currency rate notifications, view historical currency levels or check on live exchange rates. By staying on top of the latest market movements you can make the right call, at the right time.

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  • {{c.fromCurrencyCode}}

Transfer amount

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Clearing amount

1 {{Global_Data.selectedFROM.fromCurrencyCode}}{{Global_Data.selectedTO.toCurrencyCode}} {{Global_Data.Rate | number:6}}
Fee = {{Global_Data.firstContactTransferFee}} {{Global_Data.selectedFROM.fromCurrencyCode}}
Banks 1st Contact
Amout sent {{Global_Data.selectedFROM.fromCurrencyCode+" "}}{{Global_Data.fromAmount | number}} {{Global_Data.selectedFROM.fromCurrencyCode+" "}}{{Global_Data.fromAmount | number}}
Transfer fee {{Global_Data.selectedFROM.fromCurrencyCode+" "}}{{Global_Data.selectedTO.bankTransferFee | number}} {{Global_Data.selectedFROM.fromCurrencyCode+" "}}{{Global_Data.firstContactTransferFee | number}}
Exchange rate {{Global_Data.BankExchangeRate | number:6}} {{Global_Data.Rate | number:6}}
Receiving fee {{Global_Data.selectedTO.toCurrencyCode+" "}}{{Global_Data.BankRecievingFee | number}} {{Global_Data.selectedTO.toCurrencyCode+" "}}{{Global_Data.firstContactRecievingFee | number}}
Funds received {{Global_Data.selectedTO.toCurrencyCode+" "}}{{Global_Data.fundsReceivedBank | number}} {{Global_Data.selectedTO.toCurrencyCode+" "}}{{Global_Data.fundsReceivedFirstContact | number}}
Time taken {{Global_Data.bankTransferTime}} Working days {{Global_Data.firstContactTransferTime}} Working days
The rates we display on this Currency Converter are indicative mid-market Rates. This means they are neither “buy” or “sell” rates and do not allow for spreads or handling fees and should only be used for indicative purposes.

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