Year-end financial statements

Your year-end financial statements cover your past financial year and declare your Corporation Tax liability.

We can help you in the following ways:

  • Prepare your annual year-end financial statements
  • Submit them to electronically HMRC and Companies House
  • Prepare your Corporation Tax return and its supporting workings
  • Send the electronic submission to HMRC
  • Prepare your audit file in preparation for your end-of-year audit (if required)

We will help you to meet this filing obligation and review your accounts with you. This will also help us to advise you of any changes that you can implement to increase your tax-efficiency.

Tax deadlines for UK companies

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Tax/other obligationDeadlinePenalty
Corporation Tax return12 months after end of accounting period Depends on how late:
  • 1 day: £100
  • 3 months: another £100
  • 6 months: 10% of unpaid tax
  • 12 months: another 10% of unpaid tax
  • If late more than 3 times in a row the £100 penalties increase to £500.
Corporation Tax Payment9 months and 1 day after end of accounting period (unless taxable profits over £1.5m then have to pay instalments) No penalty for late payment, but interest charged at 3%.
VAT (if registered)1 month and 7 days after quarter end Surcharges can apply if you don’t file (or pay in full) by the deadline more than once in a 12 month period.

Level of surcharge depends on turnover and number of failures, ranging from 2% to 15% of the VAT outstanding.
PAYE (if an employer) RTI returnOn or before payment made to an employee
  • Can be up to 3 days late without penalty.
  • Special rules apply in numerous situations.
  • Penalty can be £100 per 50 employees for each month.
PAYE/NI payment22nd of each month unless arranged for a quarterly or annual scheme             Late monthly and quarterly payments:
  • 1% to 4% of late amount depending on how many more times a payment is made late
  • No penalty if only one payment is late in any tax year, unless more than six months late
  • 5% if more than six months late
  • A further 5% if still not paid after 12 months
Employment Related Securities annual returns: Eg. Form 42, EMI40, etc 6 July following the end of the tax year Depends on how late:
  • 1 day: £100
  • 3 months: £300
  • 6 months: £300
  • 9 months: £10 a day
Continued failure may also lead to daily penalties.
Employment Intermediaries quarterly returns 5 August
5 November
5 February
5 May
Depends on number of late filings in 12 month period:
  • First: £250
  • Second: £500
  • Third and subsequent: £1,000
Continued failure may also lead to daily penalties.
Companies House: Annual filing of accounts 9 months after end of financial year (6 months if public company) Depends on how late:
  • Up to 1 month: £150
  • 1 - 3 months: £375
  • 3 -6 months: £750
  • Over 6 months: £1,500
Penalties are doubled if late more han 2 years in a row.

Personal tax returns

Do you have rental income or any other sources of income that you need to declare on your personal tax returns? Do you know how to prepare personal tax returns?

We can help you with your tax matters by assisting you with the following:

  • Preparing sole trader accounts
  • Preparing partnership accounts
  • Preparing personal tax returns
  • Preparing partnership tax returns
  • Filing these returns online
  • Advising on tax liability and due dates
Help with personal tax returns

Self Assessment tax returns

Over 10 million taxpayers must file a personal tax return. Are you one of them?

If any of the below criteria apply to you, you must complete a Self Assessment tax return:

  • You are self-employed
  • You are a company director
  • You receive income from overseas
  • You have Capital Gains Tax to pay
  • You have an annual income of £100,000 or more
  • You have income from trusts, settlements and estates
  • You have income from savings, investment or property (unless collected via PAYE)
  • You have a rental property in the UK but live elsewhere

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