With Australian borders once again open to international students, Torrens University Australia has renewed its popular scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate students.


What makes Torrens University Australia special?

Torrens University Australia is one of the most progressive universities in Australia. Students who attend the university have access to state-of-the-art labs, clinics, studios and venues, and get to study alongside industry leaders and experts. You can choose to study part-time, full-time, online or in-person. The university has extensive partnerships with organisations in Australia and around the world, which allows you to complete practical work experience locally or internationally, preparing you for wherever your career takes you.

Torrens University Australia offers several scholarships for international students. Here’s a list of what they have on offer:

International scholarships available at Torrens University Australia

New Brisbane Scholarships

If you’re planning to study full-time at one of their Brisbane campuses in 2022, you have the opportunity to apply for these scholarships. They will cover up to 35% of your total course tuition if you’re from Latin America or the EU and 30% off if you’re from any other region in the world. These scholarships are only available in 2022.

Offshore Online Scholarship

If you’re starting your studies offshore and online, you can take advantage of this scholarship, which offers up to 30% off your total course tuition. You have to continue studying offshore and online for the whole course.

Three Pillars Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School Hospitality Scholarship

This scholarship is based on a three-pillar approach to learning: professional and personal growth, practical skills development, and academic achievement. It’s designed to help you graduate well-rounded, worldly, confident and prepared for a rewarding future.

William Blue College of Hospitality Motivational Scholarship

Based on previous academic merit, industry experience and your personal situation, this scholarship will cover up to 30% of your total course tuition. It’s available to new international students who are starting out in hospitality.

Design and Creative Technology Merit Scholarship

Based on your previous academic results, work experience and/or portfolio, you could be in the running for a Design Merit Scholarship. It covers 30% of your total course tuition and is available to new international students at Torrens University Australia.

Alumni Scholarship

New international students who have previously studied at Strategic Education Inc. outside of Australia and New Zealand have an opportunity to apply for the alumni scholarship that covers 25% of your total tuition costs.

Business Merit Scholarship

Based on your previous academic results, you could be in the running for a Business Merit Scholarship. This scholarship covers 25% of your total course tuition and is available to new international students applying to Torrens University Australia.

Here to Educate

If you’re a new international student wanting to expand your skill set with any of our postgraduate education courses, you have the opportunity to apply for a scholarship that will cover 20% of your total course tuition.

Middle East & Africa Youth Opportunity

Students holding a certified passport from the Middle East or Africa can apply for a scholarship that covers 15% of their total course tuition. You have to be planning to study business, health or design at Torrens University Australia to be eligible.

Alternative Study Path Scholarship

As an international student in Australia, you may be eligible for the Alternative Study Path Scholarship if you have completed your studies onshore, or if you are in Australia and in the process of applying for a Student visa. This scholarship covers 15% of your total course tuition.

African & Subcontinent Health Merit Scholarship

This scholarship is for African students planning to study health at Torrens University Australia full-time. It will cover 15% of your total course tuition.

Scholarship eligibility criteria 

While some scholarships have specific criteria, applicants are required to meet the following requirements:

  • All undergraduate and postgraduate international students must maintain a full-time study load, one Equivalent Full-Time Student Load (EFTSL) over a 12-month study period, to maintain their scholarship.
  • Scholarships are applicable on tuition fee only and on first attempt subjects.
  • Scholarship may not be eligible for any course changes during the duration of study.
Students can receive one scholarship at a time. If you qualify for more than one scholarship, you will be awarded the higher scholarship.

How to apply for an international scholarship at Torrens University Australia

You must meet the eligibility requirements and complete an application form. The application form includes information such as the selection criteria and requirements for shortlisted applicants. The information provided will be used to select recipients.

Torrens University Australia scholarship applications dates

Start date: 1 January 2022

Scholarship applications due: 31 December 2024

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