What is a P45 form?

You will receive a P45 form from an employer if you leave their employ during the course of the tax year. The P45 indicates how much tax has been paid by an employee during the relevant tax year.

The form has multiple parts that are all sent to and kept by different parties:

  • Part 1 is sent to HMRC
  • Part 2 and Part 3 are given to your new employer *
  • Part 1A must be kept for your own records

* If you are unemployed, this will be sent to Jobcentre Plus.

What is a P60 form?

The P60 form indicates the amount of tax an employee has paid during the tax year and is mainly used to calculate overpaid tax. It must be issued by your employer by 31 May.

This form can also be used as proof of income for loan or mortgage applications.

What is a P11D form?

Employers must send a P11D to HMRC outlining any benefits in kind received by particular employees, such as company cars or private medical insurance. This form indicates the value of each benefit.

The P11D form must be sent to HMRC by 6 July and the employee should receive a copy of the form or a notice of its contents.

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