The American EB-5 visa: A green card through investment

by Sarah Young | May 22, 2024

The EB-5 visa is one of the most straightforward routes to a US green card and can lead to citizenship after five years of residency. For a mi...

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From luxury to necessity: Grenada's citizenship-by-investment unlocks essential global mobility

by Sarah Young | Mar 13, 2024

Being globally mobile is now not just a nice-to-have, it’s becoming a must-have. If you have family scattered across the globe, it’s imperativ...

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How to choose the right golden visa for your family

by Sarah Young | Oct 10, 2023

Here’s a quick rundown of Sable International’s top choices for investment migration in 2023.

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Top five investment migration programmes in 2023

by Sarah Young | Aug 21, 2023

Different programmes offer different benefits. Increasingly, we’re finding that many clients are no longer seeking a Plan-B that offers enhanc...

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Last chance for Ireland’s “golden visa”

by Sarah Young | Feb 16, 2023

Ireland’s residency-by-investment programme has now closed. There is, however, one last opportunity to secure you and your family residency th...

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Portugal: still the place to invest

by Sarah Young | Oct 18, 2022

The Portuguese property market remains buoyant, house prices continue to rise, and the tourism sector is booming. There has never been a bette...

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