SARS changes to the tax compliance status process – it's not all doom and gloom

by Tim Powell | May 2, 2023

On 24 April 2023, SARS announced changes to its Tax Compliance Status process, with immediate effect. Here’s everything you need to know about...

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A guide to inheritances for South African beneficiaries living overseas

by Tim Powell | Mar 22, 2023

There are three scenarios in South African exchange control for inheriting from a South African deceased estate if you’re overseas. These scen...

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Ask Tim: Inheriting from South Africa without an SA tax number

by Tim Powell | Sep 20, 2022

“I left South Africa in 1998 after completing university and my father passed away in 2021, leaving me an inheritance of R1.5 million and a R1...

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Ask Tim: Do I need to financially emigrate to inherit from South Africa?

by Tim Powell | Sep 14, 2022

“My wife and I left South Africa in 2008 and have been told we must financially emigrate in order to receive an inheritance from our parents l...

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Forex case study: planning for future inheritance from South Africa

by Tim Powell | Sep 1, 2022

We take a look at a common scenario involving cross-border inheritance from South Africa.

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Tax clearance certificates – why are they taking so long?

by Tim Powell | Aug 1, 2022

In recent months, tax clearance certificates for South Africans wishing to take advantage of their foreign investment allowances have been tak...

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