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Stay in South Africa and send your child to a UK university

We provide a unique UK Student visa solution for families living in South Africa who want their children to study and naturalise in the UK.

You don't have to emigrate to send your child to a UK university

As a South African with young children, you may be tempted to relocate to the UK or Australia in order to secure a second passport and an international education for your children. This could arise because of the economic and political volatility that exists in the country, as well as the worry that South African tertiary education standards are slipping.

The problem is that relocating a young family from South Africa to the UK has several consequences:

  • It’s a costly exercise
  • You (and/or your partner) will have to take a backward step in your career(s) and earning potential
  • Private schooling in the UK and Australia is prohibitively expensive
  • The property transaction – selling in SA and buying in the UK or Australia – will leave you living in a smaller house, far from city centers
  • The lifestyle that you were used to in SA (the outdoors, the holidays, the hired help, etc) won’t exist anymore

Here's our innovative solution

It’s no secret that South Africans who immigrate to the UK will have to take a massive cut in salary, standard of living and bear other stresses involved with moving young children half way across the globe.

Our advice to people who find themselves in this situation is: Take a step back and look hard at your options.

Full-scale emigration from South Africa is not always the answer. There are enormous social and financial costs involved, particularly if you have a family and an established life in South Africa.

Stay in South Africa. Enjoy the quality of life. Grow a little older with your friends and family while your children finish their schooling at one of the many excellent private or quintile five (former model C) schools across the country.

While you’re living in South Africa you can begin to save up for their eventual UK university education. We have put together a service that facilitates your children’s relocation to the UK on a Student visa and their eventual naturalisation as British citizens.

What our service includes:

  • A financial plan to fund your child’s UK university education
  • Monthly transfers into a Pound savings fund
  • Annual review of your fund’s performance and your financial situation
  • Advice on which university and degree will fit your child’s needs and your budget
  • Advice on converting a Grade 12 to an A-Level standard qualification
  • Advice and representation for your child’s student visa application

Secure your child's future today

As a parent, you always want to ensure that your children have the best chances in life; their university education is a massive part of that. With all the uncertainty around the future of South African universities, it may be time to consider the best way to future-pro of your child’s education and career.

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