Whether you are a freelancer, a sole-trader or a contractor in the UK, it’s essential to know how to create a valid VAT invoice. We share a few basic facts and tips to help you out.

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The basics

Value added Tax (VAT) is charged on sales made. As a standard VAT-registered business, you charge VAT on sales and can claim VAT on purchases made from other VAT-registered businesses.

VAT invoices are not the same as:

  • Pro-forma invoices
  • Invoices that include the phrase “this is not a tax invoice”
  • Statements
  • Delivery notes
  • Customer orders
  • Quotations

What must be included on a VAT invoice?

A VAT invoice must include the following to be recognised by HMRC:

  • A unique, sequential invoice number
  • Your name or trading name and address
  • Your VAT registration number
  • The invoice date
  • The time of supply, also referred to as “tax point”, if this is different from the date above
  • The customer’s name or trading name and address
  • A description of the goods or services supplied

In addition to this general information, you’ll need to show a breakdown for each different item or service listed on the invoice:

  • Unit price excluding VAT
  • Quantity of goods or the details of the service
  • Rate of VAT that applies to the item or service
  • Total amount payable, excluding VAT
  • Rate of any cash discount, if applicable
  • Total amount of VAT charged

When can you use a simplified VAT invoice?

If you need to invoice for goods or services for £250 or less, including VAT, you are able to supply a simplified invoice. This will need to show:

  • Your name and address
  • Your VAT registration number
  • The time of supply (tax point)
  • A description of the goods or services

There’s better news still – you don’t need to issue a VAT invoice if:

  • Your invoice only lists exempt or zero-ratedsales within the UK
  • You’re giving goods as a gift
  • You sell goods under aVAT second-hand margin scheme
  • Your customer operates a self-billing arrangement

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