Weekly market watch: A turbulent start to the new year

by Staff Writer | Jan 11, 2021

Wide-ranging economic data from the end of 2020 continues to guide major currencies, alongside continued Covid-19 developments and renewed loc...

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Weekly market watch: End-of-year buoyancy dwindles

by Staff Writer | Dec 21, 2020

Markets are mixed as a new variant of the Coronavirus is causing chaos ahead of the holiday season.

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Weekly market watch: Vaccine roll-out begins

by Staff Writer | Dec 14, 2020

Risk sentiment is set to drive major economies over the coming week, on the back of widespread vaccine deployment.

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Weekly market watch: Volatility abounds as optimism wanes

by Staff Writer | Dec 7, 2020

Despite hopes of a continued upward trend, the market remains volatile on the back of a heavy economic data week.

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Weekly market watch: Subdued volatility amid vaccine optimism

by Staff Writer | Nov 30, 2020

In a week of light data releases and maintained vaccine confidence, better-than-expected performances extend a stretch of eased market volatil...

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Weekly market watch: Is a conclusion to the Brexit saga within sight?

by Staff Writer | Nov 23, 2020

Top-tier data, downgrades and a potential (final) Brexit deal will be the biggest market drivers this week.

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Weekly market watch: Emerging currencies climb, established markets stumble

by Staff Writer | Nov 16, 2020

Unpredictability is set to permeate the global market this week as short-term volatility continues to dominate.

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Weekly market watch: Biden wins, Brexit resumes

by Staff Writer | Nov 9, 2020

Despite a winner being declared, continued US election uncertainty will dominate market movements in the coming week.

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Why South Africa has overtaken India as the UK’s offshore destination of choice

by Saskia Johnston | Nov 4, 2020

As companies worldwide respond to increasing cost and efficiency pressures, South Africa is becoming a favoured international location for bus...

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