Financial emigration and the expat tax: Here’s what South Africans living abroad need to know

by Tim Powell | Apr 29, 2019

Expat tax has received a lot of media coverage of late, with some polarised views from professionals even within the same industry.

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Brexit: How to protect against currency fluctuations

by Staff Writer | Mar 13, 2019

For businesses involved with imports or exports, or who often deal in foreign currency settlement, exchange rate fluctuations can have a big i...

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Financial emigration vs becoming a non-resident for tax purposes: What’s the difference?

by Tim Powell | Dec 11, 2018

South African expats will have to face a changing tax structure in March 2020, which may affect their foreign income. This has forced many to ...

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But, do you know your forex broker’s name?

by Saskia Johnston | Oct 10, 2018

Fintech, market disruptors, cryptocurrency - all key words used in my industry to describe some of the ways technology has changed and moulded...

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Increase your business’s bottom line with currency hedging

by Staff Writer | Jun 6, 2018

If your business imports or exports, you inevitably have to deal with foreign currency payments. Due to currency fluctuations, this forex expo...

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Is your forex broker saving or costing you money?

by Staff Writer | May 15, 2018

If you have a business with overseas suppliers, work abroad or make regular international money transfers for a pension or mortgage, you’re go...

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Stronger rand makes offshore property attractive again

by Staff Writer | Mar 24, 2018

The rand's positive reaction to the political changes of the past three months means that South Africans are in the best position in years to ...

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How to choose the right forex partner for your business

by Saskia Johnston | Dec 11, 2017

A business’s forex requirements can range from simple to complex, so it’s important that you hire a forex broker who can help your business ma...

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How to make the most of your Rands as uncertainty remains constant

by Gary Kockott | Nov 24, 2017

The one thing about South Africans is that we sure know how to take a punch, and boy have we had to suck up a lot of damage these past two yea...

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