Employing EU workers in the UK from 2021

by Darren Faife | Jan 14, 2021

Despite all the information we have on the Brexit saga, it still continues to result in a lot of uncertainty about the relationship between th...

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How to apply for an Australian partner visa [with checklist]

by Sam Hopwood | Dec 11, 2020

Whether you’re in a relationship with an Australian citizen, or currently doing long distance, here’s everything you need to know about gettin...

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Working in the UK going forward: What you need to know

by Darren Faife | Dec 2, 2020

The UK government has released a detailed statement on what to expect from the new points-based immigration system, due to take effect from 1 ...

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UK immigration changes: What you need to know for 2021

by John Dunn | Nov 30, 2020

The UK’s immigration changes for 2021 introduce a new era of immigration control that subjects both EU- and non-EU citizens to the same regula...

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Comparing government schools in the UK and South Africa

by Staff Writer | Nov 26, 2020

Once your family has relocated to the UK, you will be faced with the decision of where to send your children to school. To help make this proc...

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Over 4 million Europeans have applied to stay in the UK after Brexit

by John Dunn | Oct 13, 2020

Since 2018, over 4 million EU citizens and their families have applied to settle in the UK as part of the pre-Brexit EU Settlement Scheme.

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Australian immigration and visa update: What's changing in 2021

by Sam Hopwood | Oct 9, 2020

As Covid-19 continues to batter Australia’s economy, the government has finally announced the updates to its migration programmes for 2021.

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New UK student visa routes to open in October 2020

by John Dunn | Sep 24, 2020

In an attempt to produce clearer pathways for students, and maintain the UK’s competitiveness in a changing global education market, the gover...

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Here’s how to get a UK dependant visa for your kids

by John Dunn | Aug 17, 2020

Applying for your own UK visa can be a complex process. It can be even more so when including children. Brexit has also introduced changes to ...

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