What is the UK’s Health and Care Worker visa and who can get one?

by Darren Faife | Oct 22, 2021

The UK work visa specifically for healthcare professionals is known as the Health and Care Worker visa. This healthcare worker visa provides a...

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Emigrate to Australia: How I moved during the pandemic

by Staff Writer | Oct 11, 2021

Mike Hayn, a Cape Town programmer who recently moved to Melbourne with his wife and children, details his experiences with Australian emigrati...

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UK offers thousands of visas to foreigners in bid to ease truck driver shortage

by Darren Faife | Oct 1, 2021

In response to the escalating crisis around fuel shortages and empty supermarket shelves, the UK government has proposed that it will make tho...

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How to move to Portugal: What are your options

by Staff Writer | Sep 29, 2021

Portugal is consistently voted as one of the safest countries in the world and offers a low-cost, high standard of living in a stunning Medite...

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How to ace your life in the UK and English language tests for UK citizenship

by John Dunn | Sep 21, 2021

If you’re from outside the UK and you want to apply for citizenship or indefinite leave to remain (ILR), you may have to pass an English langu...

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The benefits of indefinite leave to remain and naturalisation

by John Dunn | Sep 17, 2021

Many people living in the UK have pondered whether they should stay on their indefinite leave to remain (ILR) or convert their status to full ...

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Your child, the global citizen

by Sam Hopwood | Aug 26, 2021

As you zip up the suitcases and prepare to move abroad, one concern might be the impact relocation will have on your children. Rest assured, t...

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Indefinite leave to remain: Your first step towards UK citizenship

by John Dunn | Aug 23, 2021

Indefinite leave to remain (ILR), is the first step you’ll take to becoming a UK citizen. Here’s a guide on how to qualify and apply for perma...

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UK visas down by 73% in 2020

by John Dunn | Jul 19, 2021

For most of 2020, UK immigration was significantly impacted by Covid-19. The Home Office has now released the immigration statistics for the y...

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