How much a UK visa will cost in 2023-2024

by John Dunn | Sep 18, 2023

The Home Office has announced an increase in immigration and nationality fees to come into effect on 4 October 2023. If you're planning to emi...

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The UK Student sponsor licence and how to obtain one

by Steve Paxton | Aug 31, 2023

In order to recruit international students, an independent education provider needs to obtain a Student sponsor licence. We take a closer look...

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UK corporate sponsorships and non-compliance: the consequences

by Darren Faife | Aug 30, 2023

When you sponsor foreign workers, it is of the utmost importance to fulfil your sponsor obligations. We examine the repercussions that UK spon...

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How to apply for a Graduate visa – The UK’s Post-study work visa

by John Dunn | Aug 29, 2023

International students who graduate from a UK university can apply for a post-study work visa called the Graduate visa. We take an in-depth lo...

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Drastic increase to the Immigration Health Surcharge fee

by Mishal Patel | Jul 14, 2023

The UK government has announced massive increases to the Immigration Health Surcharge fee as part of a move to fund a pay-raise for public sec...

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What to expect during a Home Office compliance visit

by Darren Faife | Jul 5, 2023

The Home Office conducts compliance inspections on all businesses who apply for, or are in possession of, a sponsor licence, to ensure that th...

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Meet the team: Steve Paxton

by Staff Writer | Jun 27, 2023

Steve Paxton oversees our UK Education Corporate Services division. Find out more about his upbringing, interests, passion for education and h...

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Switching visas in the UK – Our extensive guide

by Staff Writer | Jun 21, 2023

Navigating the complex process of switching visas in the UK can be overwhelming. This comprehensive guide provides you with all the informatio...

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UK political parties gear up as net migration figures soar

by Mishal Patel | May 24, 2023

With net migration figures expected to reach record levels, UK political parties are hurriedly shaping their positions on immigration and are ...

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