If you want to ace your next job interview, learning more about psychometric testing can give you a big advantage. These tests are used by employers who want insight into the strengths, weaknesses and character of prospective employees.

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If you think that you might be about to face one, or if you have encountered one, these five simple steps will help you prepare:

1. Brush up on your maths

No matter what job you are applying for, at some point during the psychometric test you will be asked to work out percentages, fractions, proportions, ratios, numerical relationships or a combination of these.

Our advice, use “Google university” to give yourself a quick refresher course in high school maths. This section is where most people get rattled and it’s not actually that complicated. With proper preparation this should be a “gimme”.

2. Know why you are writing a test

There is a good reason behind psychometric testing’s growth in popularity. With preparation, most people can walk into an interview and say and do the right thing. Psychometric testing makes it much harder to bluff your way into a job and that is good news.

The tests help a potential employer understand your particular skills and personality traits. They want employees that fit with their company culture and, if you’re honest with yourself, so do you. To be happy in your work, it helps to have likeminded colleagues, so you want to be sure that any new team-mates are the right fit.

3. Get used to working to a time limit

If it’s been a while since you sat an exam you should spend some time getting used to the pressure again. You can practice by writing a free timed test or two on the internet. Don’t forget to answer the easy questions first. Unless you have to answer every question in order, start on the ones that you know to boost your confidence.

4. Practice makes perfect

It’s not cheating to familiarise yourself with the practicalities of psychometric testing. Learn the terminology and identify your potential weak spots, then practice until your answers come naturally. A potential employer wants to know your abilities and these tests will put you in a better position to show your worth.

5. See this as an opportunity

Yes, it’s an added pain to an already high stress experience, but it’s also an opportunity to put yourself ahead of the competition. You will be able to show you best by preparing and entering into your interview with a positive attitude. If that doesn’t get you the job, more than likely you weren’t a good fit in the first place. You can move on happy in the knowledge that you dodged a bullet.

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