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Articles by Sherron Alexander-Bedingfield

  • blended-families

    How “yours, mine and ours” complicates the estate planning process: Advice for blended families

    by Sherron Alexander-Bedingfield | Apr 17, 2019
    A family today can include children, step-children, former spouses and in-laws. Regardless of the make-up, most people will want to provide for a spouse as well as children from a previous marriage. If you don’t take this into account, you may leave behind a legacy of in-fighting and legal action. Here’s how to put together an estate plan that reflects your wishes and looks after your entire family when you’re gone.
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  • British cottage

    Inheritance tax update: Good news for home owners

    by Sherron Alexander-Bedingfield | Nov 22, 2016
    The ability to pass on your home to your children has been a common wish for many homeowners. However, with the average price of a family home increasing year-on-year, the likelihood of this happening without inheritance tax implications has been an increasing concern.
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  • too-young-too-need-a-will

    I'm too young to need a will

    by Sherron Alexander-Bedingfield | Sep 30, 2016
    I am often told, “I don’t need a will; I have nothing to leave to anyone”. Naturally, my response is always that everyone over the age of 18 should have a will. Why? Because, it makes life so much easier for those left behind.
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  • wills business

    Willing your business to succeed

    by Sherron Alexander-Bedingfield | May 16, 2016
    As a business owner, the importance of having a will and a valid power of attorney cannot be overstated. Without a power of attorney or will, your business and your assets could be in jeopardy, leaving your clients and employees in the lurch.
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  • wills-house

    Who gets the house? Understanding joint property ownership

    by Sherron Alexander-Bedingfield | Jan 21, 2016
    Property assets often form the core, and most emotionally sensitive, part of a will. The way that property is held between spouses or partners can affect the way it must be passed on.
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  • joint property

    Joint property ownership: Joint tenants vs tenants in common

    by Sherron Alexander-Bedingfield | Oct 01, 2015
    There are a variety of ways in which you can hold rights over a piece of property. If you own property jointly with your spouse, partner or friends, it is important to know whether you as owners are joint tenants or tenants in common. In both of these instances, the property is owned jointly, but the legal consequences are significantly different.
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  • personal assets log

    Why you need a personal assets log

    by Sherron Alexander-Bedingfield | Aug 26, 2015
    The world we live in is virtually paperless, physical bank statements and bank books have become a thing of the past. Records of what we have, what we owe and who owes us are held in the cloud and can easily be lost after our death.
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  • father-child-wills

    Who will look after my children when I die

    by Sherron Alexander-Bedingfield | Jul 31, 2015
    There are many parents who have not yet drafted a will. When asked why, the response is usually a shrug of the shoulders, a smile and a quick change of subject.
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  • which will is right

    Which type of will is right for you?

    by Sherron Alexander-Bedingfield | Jun 23, 2015
    Dying without a will can put emotional and physical strain on loved ones, yet many people never take the time to write one. Lets take a look at why you should create a will and which type is best for you.
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  • estate planning

    Regain control of your digital future

    by Sherron Alexander-Bedingfield | Apr 27, 2015
    Take a moment to reflect on the extent of our digital lives: Millions spend precious hours networking on social media, while individuals can now run entire businesses from laptops, or trade stocks from their smartphones.
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