Portugal's Golden Visa programme continues to shine as the premier choice

by Andrew Rissik | Jan 26, 2024

Despite recent changes, Portugal's Golden Visa programme stands as the unparalleled leader in providing a pathway to European citizenship.

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Portugal Golden Visa thrown a lifeline

by Andrew Rissik | Apr 17, 2023

After two months of uncertainty, the Portuguese government has provided some clarity regarding the future of the Portugal Golden Visa residenc...

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End of the line for Portugal Golden Visa?

by Andrew Rissik | Feb 17, 2023

At a televised press conference, the Portuguese Prime Minister announced the beginning of the end of the popular GVP programme.

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Business and leisure travel made easier with the Grenada citizenship-by-investment programme

by Andrew Rissik | Jan 7, 2022

If leisure and business travel is a priority for you, then the Grenada citizenship-by-investment programme (CIP) might be perfect. This CIP gr...

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Reasons to choose Grenada's citizenship-by-investment programme

by Andrew Rissik | Nov 18, 2021

The Grenadian Citizenship-by-Investment Programme is one of the more appealing second citizenship options out there. With a fast turnaround ti...

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Seeking US residency by investment? The benefits of a US EB-5 visa

by Andrew Rissik | Nov 11, 2021

If immigrating to the US is something you are considering, the US EB-5 visa could be right for you. It is a residency by investment programme ...

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