How to apply for a Graduate visa – The UK’s Post-study work visa

by John Dunn | Aug 29, 2023

International students who graduate from a UK university can apply for a post-study work visa called the Graduate visa. We take an in-depth lo...

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Mistakes to avoid when renewing your UK spouse visa

by John Dunn | Mar 28, 2023

A UK spouse visa renewal isn’t always guaranteed. We discuss some of the pitfalls you should avoid when submitting your application to be succ...

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How your South African child can get immediate indefinite leave to remain

by John Dunn | Mar 27, 2023

South African-born children of British citizens can obtain immediate permanent residency in the UK under very specific conditions. We explain ...

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UK visa applications for South Africans: Step-by-step guide

by John Dunn | Sep 7, 2022

Our step-by-step guide contains all the information you need to know about applying for a UK visa if you're from South Africa. From choosing y...

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How investing in a UK start up can lead to British citizenship

by John Dunn | Aug 9, 2022

Investors seeking a path to UK citizenship were left floundering when the UK’s residency-by-investment route, the Tier 1 Investor visa, was cl...

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UK spouse visa vs fiancé visa – the pros and cons

by John Dunn | May 31, 2022

The UK family visa has a few different categories depending on your relationship status. The spouse visa, or “partner visa”, is the most commo...

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