Change to dual nationality law for South Africans

by Philip Gamble | Jun 20, 2023

South Africans can now retain their citizenship when they obtain a second nationality due to a judgement handed down by the Supreme Court of A...

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UK Citizenship Series: Complex UK nationality (with Philip Gamble)

by Mishal Patel | Jul 28, 2021

We’re joined by Philip Gamble to discuss some of the complexities of UK nationality law, including what happens if a child is incorrectly give...

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Court ruling opens up new claims to British citizenship through double descent

by Philip Gamble | Apr 17, 2018

A recent ruling by the Supreme Court in the UK has opened a new route to British citizenship for thousands of previously disqualified South Af...

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What UK businesses need to know about hiring non-EU nationals

by Philip Gamble | Mar 19, 2018

For UK-based businesses, the road to hiring a non-EU national is fraught with what seems like endless red tape and legislation. But with an un...

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South Africans in these 16 jobs could now have a ticket to the UK: expert

by Staff Writer | Mar 7, 2018

The UK has seen a dramatic fall in net-migration, driven equally by the increased number of EU citizens leaving the country after the Brexit r...

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The 2018 guide to hiring a non-EU national in the UK

by Philip Gamble | Nov 22, 2017

While it’s common for UK employers to hire people from outside of the EU, it can be a long, complicated process. There are a few key things th...

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