Your Australian citizenship questions answered

by Sam Hopwood | Mar 14, 2023

As a country with spectacular natural beauty, a great climate and an impressive education system, Australia is a top choice for many seeking c...

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When is the best time to move to Australia?

by Sam Hopwood | Oct 28, 2022

Robyn Vogels, Founder and Owner of Personnel Relocations, gives her advice on which time of year is best for a move Down Under and how to cut ...

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A guide to Australian work visas

by Sam Hopwood | Oct 26, 2022

An employer sponsored visa is a great way to make a permanent move to Australia. To be eligible you will need to find an Australian-based empl...

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Move to Australia through the student and graduate visa routes

by Sam Hopwood | Sep 28, 2022

If you'd like to move to Australia in the future, studying there might be the perfect first step. MARA-registered agent, Sam Hopwood, and stud...

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Regional Australia – your gateway to Australian immigration

by Sam Hopwood | Sep 20, 2022

If you want to immigrate to Australia, it’s worth considering moving to one of the regional areas. Aside from being attractive in terms of wor...

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Western Australia – your perfect emigration destination

by Sam Hopwood | Aug 26, 2022

Western Australia has added more than 100 occupations to its skilled occupation list, making now the ideal time to consider immigrating to thi...

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