How a tax directive can reduce your monthly South African tax bill

by William Louw | Sep 15, 2022

When you get a large or unusual payout like a retrenchment package or you’re a commission earner with an income that fluctuates from month-to-...

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Understanding South African tax and reserve bank definitions

by William Louw | Aug 17, 2022

Many people who have to file taxes in South Africa get confused by the terms that are used by the South African Revenue Service and the South ...

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Emigrating from South Africa? Here's how to reduce your tax payments

by William Louw | Aug 11, 2022

When planning a big move overseas, it’s easy to forget one of the most important things: tax. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of things you shoul...

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SARS Auto-Assessment – dodge the pitfalls

by William Louw | Jul 8, 2022

The South African Revenue Service’s new fully automated assessments are causing havoc for some taxpayers. Here’s what you need to know before ...

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Financial emigration vs tax emigration – understanding the difference

by William Louw | Jun 8, 2022

Financial emigration was a process used by many South Africans who emigrated to access their retirement annuities, inheritance and other South...

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SARS non-resident tax status confirmation letters – your guide to confirming tax residency

by William Louw | May 12, 2022

Living abroad has a significant impact on how much tax you pay and to which country that tax is to be paid. We take a look at why it’s importa...

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