Introducing the UK’s new Scale-up visa: Requirements and benefits

by Darren Faife | May 4, 2022

The UK Home Office has introduced a new business visa aimed at highly-skilled individuals who have been sponsored by a “scale-up company”. We ...

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Thousands now qualify for British citizenship with new British nationality law changes

by Mishal Patel | Apr 29, 2022

The UK is opening new routes to British citizenship for thousands who may previously not qualified. If you have a parent, grandparent or great...

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How to access your SA living annuity offshore - an eFiling guide

by William Louw | Apr 28, 2022

Dealing with SARS as a non-tax resident South African can be an overwhelming experience. Recent regulation changes for non-tax residents inten...

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How to get the UK’s new High Potential Individual visa

by John Dunn | Apr 26, 2022

The UK Home Office has announced several new visa routes, including the High Potential Individual visa which aims to attract top international...

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UK Citizenship Series: British citizenship through Crown Service

by Mishal Patel | Apr 25, 2022

If your parent or grandparent served the British government in "Crown Service", you might now be entitled to British citizenship. Mishal Patel...

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South African exit tax: A tale of four brothers

by Niel Pretorius | Apr 14, 2022

Sometimes, changing a single circumstance can lead to wildly different outcomes, especially in the world of taxation.

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Does the EU want to end all Golden Visas?

by Sarah Young | Apr 14, 2022

The EU Parliament has voted in favour of proposed changes showcasing restrictions on Golden visas. These changes will radically impact the glo...

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Five things we know about investing

by Mike Abbott | Apr 11, 2022

The investment world is full of clever sounding people full of even cleverer sounding ideas about what to buy and what to sell to get you ahea...

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UK tax: Understanding non-domiciled status

by Niel Pretorius | Apr 8, 2022

There has been a lot of chatter in the news recently regarding UK non-domiciled (or "non-dom") status due to Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s wife cla...

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