Fintech, market disruptors, cryptocurrency - all key words used in my industry to describe some of the ways technology has changed and moulded our industry over the last few years. Now, while I, myself am a millennial and completely value and appreciate technology and the role it has to play in all our industries, I value the worth of a person more. I prefer doing business with a human. Someone who understands my objections and goals with a particular purchase or transaction in mind.


Why I value face-to-face communication

I think a lot of small business owners share the same sentiment and would also prefer to deal with a person. In my industry, I would be lying if I said price wasn’t a factor, but all else equal, would you like to deal with a person or a machine? Would it add value to you to know there is a person you trust on the other side of the telephone or email as opposed to an automated response or a call centre agent?

Since returning to work after taking maternity leave over the summer, I have found the sentiment around this topic to be largely in favour of people. I think technology certainly has its place and brokers like myself have spent a lot of time and money investing in our online infrastructure, so our clients have the option to transact online at their ease. Many clients do conduct their transactions online, but what sets us apart is being able to provide them with assistance whenever they need it, whether it be by phone or email.

I’d like to think the world is heading back to the joys of face-to-face communication and relationship loyalty. I think technology is great as a catalyst for change for all of our businesses and competition naturally instils excellence, but I also think more and more people are wanting a hand to shake, a person to talk to and an opinion to listen to - one that they value and trust.

How do we quantify that warm fuzzy feeling? The way a company makes you feel after leaving their shop and making a transaction or purchase with them? That X factor. I’m not sure you can replicate that without any human interaction at all.

So, I ask the question, to the internet abyss, when you question the value of our service compared to a purely online competitor, all else equal, but do you know your broker’s name?

My name is Saskia.

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